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Industry Insights Webinars

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As industries adjust to a growing number of COVID-19 related obstacles that could hinder production, disrupt operations, and pose risks to worker safety, businesses need to prepare for everything and anything. Connected solutions are feasible means to mitigate risk, but there is a lack of education for the end-users who need advice from trusted sources now more than ever before, especially when considering the trade show void. The long-term effects of the virus are already noticeable when analyzing the GDP, unemployment rates, and population patterns. It is also equally important to note that supply chain bottlenecks are only going to increase as buying patterns continue to shift.

With our Industry Insights Webinars, we are bringing to light the deep-rooted challenges facing various industries, from telecom to power to healthcare, and beyond, with a panel of experts to assist in guiding them through the dos and don’ts of IoT. And more importantly, our world is in a delicate and fragile state that needs the nurture and oversight that connected solutions can provide.

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Industry Insights Webinars equip businesses with the knowledge and tools to overcome the challenges of 2020 that have left many feeling powerless and bring connected solutions to the forefront of the conversation. Our panel-style discussions revolve around new and existing industry challenges while highlighting currently available marketplace solutions aimed at solving industry-specific challenges. Each month our webinar series focuses on a different industry while maintaining our underlying message for using technology to foster operational efficiency and data-driven decision making. We invite thought leaders, experts, and business executives to share their honest experiences, industry expertise, and provide strategies for staying flexible and adaptable.


Our Industry Insights Webinars have garnered an average of more than 1,000 sign-ups and 100 live attendees who stay on the webinars for more than 50 minutes.

Our webinars also have active attendees seeking responses to challenges they may be experiencing, insights on future trends, and specific expertise, and we’re proud to say that the speakers we have had always provided thorough responses and insights that our audience found truly helpful.

We have a returning audience from around the world that finds value in our strategies for digital transformation and implementing an IoT strategy. Here is some of the feedback that we have received so far.

“I attended the last webinar for the first time, and it was extremely valuable and insightful. I expect the same for the next webinar.” – John Fitisemanu

“Great format to continue expanding IoT. Fantastic points and exchange of ideas, do appreciate everyone.” – Jose Yborr

As the goal for our Industry Insights Webinars is to create a virtual space to promote thought leadership and guidance, as well as a sense of community, receiving feedback like this further drives our mission of helping businesses across all industries better understand and utilize IoT.


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