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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

In The Know

Finalist in Facebook


In The Know’s mission is to improve the lives of Gen Z by amplifying diverse voices. With the future in mind, we aim to build a trusted brand familiar to Generation-Z and Millennial audiences alike. Our social-first video strategy allows us to showcase topics and brands that people want to share and (when applicable) shop. In The Know is dedicated to continuously creating quality content to educate and inspire our followers.

Strategy and Execution

In The Know is a social-first video destination that aims to improve the lives of Gen Z by amplifying unheard voices. We leverage social media to bring our audience a unique cross-channel shopping experience on that integrates commerce, culture, and content. Our primary social channels are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. 

Additionally, In The Know recognized the potential for growth by utilizing the skills of our Verizon Media counterpart, AOL. From the workforce we already had, we evolved to build out an editorial text and digital mini series team under the brand’s umbrella to offer more than just short viral video hits.

In The Know wants to become a destination for all users’ needs and, thus, created a stronger commerce strategy. We are mindful of the products that Millennials and Generation-Z users seek out and we have dedicated an entire team to commerce text and video content. We offer a curated view of the products that serve our followers best.

Each video producer-editor owns videos from end-to-end, which allows for distinct perspectives across our brand. Each contributor to the team pitches an idea, sources or shoots the concept, edits the video, and crafts the social post. This ensures that each team member has a deep understanding of what content performs best on our platform and what viewers wish to see.


In The Know has expanded massively over the past year to become a multifaceted network capitalizing on video, text, and commercial content. Our staff increased by two-fold, and in our efforts to embrace diverse identities, we have created diverse stories amongst our new verticals. We’ve increased our accessibility to global audiences by launching videos in Mandarin, Spanish, and soon German and Portuguese. The newly-branded In The Know miniseries highlight the shapers of the 21st century in shows like Next Gen and Futurists. Commerce strategy has become more engaging to our audience with our new daily “In The Know: Finds” live show that premieres across social platforms. Our brand offers only premium content to our 62+ million followers and counting.


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Verizon Media