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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Honeywell: Tomorrow’s Solution Today

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Everyone knows the Honeywell brand, but few know the breadth of Honeywell’s technology offerings, which encompass everything from fire safety to connected software to electric avionics. The company wanted to shift perceptions — to go from being seen as merely an “industrial manufacturer” to a leader in software and technology innovation across industries and sectors. 

To introduce Honeywell’s diverse innovations to decision-makers, simply citing its range of technologies is not enough. A more insightful and persuasive approach requires seeing these technologies in a practical context and hearing first-hand from customers and Honeywell experts how these innovations are revolutionizing business.

Strategy and Execution

To showcase Honeywell’s advanced technology in the context of how it is benefitting its primary users, we created a series of short videos and podcasts illustrating advances in four select industries. The videos and podcasts feature an end user/customer paired with a Honeywell expert in a passionate discussion about the development and benefit of the technology. One story in the series is a vivid narrative built around a single firefighter, whose innovative gear not only keeps her safer in perilous situations, but also gives her greater confidence in her day-to-day role.


As of 8/25/2020, the program has rendered 212,039 page views. The program has already delivered in full and surpassed the guaranteed view goal by 287%. Video performance has also been strong with a valid VCR of 51.4%, which is higher than the benchmark of 42.6%. The CIU performance has also performed at 3.3x the benchmark, with a .27% CTR overall. The media continued to run for this campaign through 03/17/20, and has shown to be extremely successful.

Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Trust - The Wall Street Journal Barron's Group Custom Content, Honeywell