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Grove Collaborative Commits to 100% Plastic Free Products, Pushing the CPG Industry Forward

Winner in Retail & E-Commerce


Launched in 2016 as a Certified B Corp, Grove Collaborative is the fastest growing retailer of natural products in the U.S.. With brand DNA rooted in providing sustainable, safe and efficacious all-natural household cleaning and personal care solutions to the mass market at an accessible price point, Grove Collaborative is creating a more environmentally conscious CPG industry. 

Grove Collaborative’s vision is that consumer products will be a positive force for human and environmental health. The company’s biggest initiative is around single use plastic. Plastic pollution is a continuous problem stemming from not only the CPG sector, but industries across the board. Currently, however, CPG companies are a major perpetuator of the issue, with many products leaning into plastic packaging. Plastic pollution is not only devastating the earth’s oceans and wildlife, but it is also severely problematic for human health. 

Grove believes that plastic is not sustainable. On March 10, 2020, Grove Collaborative became the first and only plastic neutral retailer in the world in partnership with Plastic Bank®, and committed to becoming 100% plastic free by 2025 to address the global crisis around single use plastic. 


Strategy and Execution

To achieve plastic neutrality, Grove’s owned and third-party brands are currently subject to a plastic offset “tax,” wherein the company calculates the amount of plastic sent to consumers and then compensates Plastic Bank® to collect the equivalent amount of ocean-bound plastic – meaning there is a cost the company is imposing on itself for everything they ship containing plastic, even recycled. Exercising this tax is Grove’s first step towards becoming 100% plastic free, while also setting an example that can translate across industries, such as fashion, beauty and beyond.

Moving forward, the brand’s macrostrategy is inclusive of meeting objectives surrounding product innovation and re-development, industry partnerships and advocacy over the next three years (2020-2022), which will serve as benchmarks towards their larger commitment  of becoming 100% plastic free by 2025. 

Household essentials are a huge contributor to plastic waste and Grove Collaborative is designing products to replace single-use plastics. This fall, the company is releasing a full line of 100% plastic free cleaning products, leveraging glass and aluminum vessels, as well as a plastic-free laundry vessel format and a plastic-free bar-format personal care line – all of which illustrate that they are taking meaningful steps, quickly, towards their goal and overall mission. 

While Grove does not have total visibility as to how they will get to zero plastic, the brand knows that bold action is needed to move the CPG industry forward and has created a roadmap of three phases to achieve their 2025 goal.





Our Owned Brand Impacts:

As mentioned, these 2020 numbers represent Grove’s baseline* as they work to remove all plastic from products and packaging by 2025.

Grove Collaborative - Flagship: 25%+ plastic-free, on our way to 100% plastic-free

*Metrics as of 6/30/2020. 

**Metrics from 3/01/2020-7/23/2020


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