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Women's Health Magazine

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Women’s Health uses social media to connect our users, bringing our content and philosophy alive on the pages of Facebook. We keep users up to date with the latest in health and fitness news while simultaneously encouraging them to participate in conversations about the news at hand. Above all, we make sure our users know how much we value them. Our users’ interests change, and we make every effort to keep up. Because active, healthy women are everywhere, our brand has a strong presence in all social media outlets. We take particular pride, though, in our Facebook strategy. Our users engage regularly with our editors, providing positive feedback, learning from the information we put out, and encouraging others to live a Women’s Health lifestyle. Year over year, the number of unique users to the Women’s Health website from Facebook has grown 162 percent, and our followers have grown 157 percent—proving that Women’s Health is a brand where positivity runs high and engagement runs deep. While the Women’s Health Facebook page delivers substantial traffic to, it’s not page views and uniques that drive this social platform—it’s the enthusiasm of our loyal users. Facebook allows us to interact with our users one-on-one and to celebrate our dedication to living a positive and healthy lifestyle. The Women’s Health editors make it a point to respond to our users’ questions and comments. We take pride in interacting directly with our users via Facebook, and we enjoy giving them access to the Women’s Health world. We appreciate each “like," and as a thank-you for that like, users receive Facebook-exclusive content. For instance, our like-gated tabs offer workouts and celebrity videos, among other special offerings. So when you, as a Facebook user, make the commitment to like our page, we make it worth your while. There are several notable recurring campaigns in which Women’s Health users continually engage. Each campaign brings our users closer to the mission of our brand: empowering women to lead healthy, active lives. In the Weekend Challenge, we outline an exercise challenge (complete with beginner and advanced options) that must be performed before each meal on Saturdays and Sundays. We introduce the challenges on Fridays with the question “Are you in?" Hundreds of likes, shares, and comments quickly follow. Throughout the weekend, we post reminders, trainers’ tips, and questions. The goal: Stay healthy and on track during the weekends. Our users are a source of inspiration for us, and we love to celebrate their accomplishments. In another campaign we frequently run, we ask Women’s Health readers to post photos of themselves along with information about their workout motivation, recipe ideas, exercise outfits, and more. These pictures and content then become slideshows on Our users take pride in their inclusion on the website, and we take pride in our awesome users. Everybody wins. The Women’s Health Facebook users also have opportunities to ask our experts and editors questions in real time. In January, we hosted a chat about healthy eating with Women’s Health nutrition expert Keri Glassman, R.D. Keri answered many questions during this hour-long lunchtime session, and—upon request from our Facebook users—will be doing another chat on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

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