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Special Project

Special Project
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Trend Hunter

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Trend Hunter is the world’s largest collection of cutting-edge ideas. With more than 1.4 million Facebook fans and 200,000 Twitter followers, Trend Hunter has cracked the digital space, making it more than just an online magazine, but a worldwide community of innovation-hungry readers and contributors, all tracking the evolution of cool and democratizing trend spotting. What’s more, the Trend Hunter Facebook page guarantees an unparalleled level of exposure for the creators and brands we feature, as well as our advertising clients. Trend Hunter’s Facebook page is heaven for the insatiably curious in an entrepreneurial age when everyone’s looking for his or her next big idea. As the world’s largest, most updated collection of cutting-edge ideas, Trend Hunter’s social media interactions are part of its DNA. With over 1,415,810 million Facebook fans and growing every day, Trend Hunter has more fans than its competitors such as Mashable (804,473) and The Cool Hunter (614,574), as well as more than corporations such as Microsoft (1,306,180), Sears (1,355,603), Ford (1,205,224), HP (1,143,875) and Prada (1,134,767). Furthermore, Toronto-based Trend Hunter has one of the best Facebook presences in all of Canada. By maximizing our Facebook presence, Trend Hunter is able to reach more people than it would through its online community of over 90,000 Trend Hunters alone. Combined with nearly 1 billion views, over 200,000 Twitter fans and a community of 90,000 trend spotters, Trend Hunter’s Facebook page offers one of the most impactful and integrated brand solutions in the world. Facebook is a method to leverage Trend Hunter’s advertising through more traffic to sponsored posts like those with American Express Canada and Intel’s MyLifeScoop. A look at our impact through our Facebook presence (February 2012): - Total likes: 1,415,810 - Weekly total reach: 18,485,242 - People talking about Trend Hunter: 21,643 - Friends of fans: 242,660,334 - Post views: 10,022,522 - Like sources: majority (24,751) comes from Facebook recommendations Growth from September 2010 to September 2011 - 9,226 monthly active users to 769,752 monthly active users - 54 daily new likes to 417 daily new likes - 2,585 daily post views to 7,000,000+ daily post views Trend Hunter has successfully translated our image-centric content to Facebook in a way that invites readers to weigh-in, share, like (and dislike) our posts. Our uniquely styled headlines, which are supercharged two- to four-word titles, allow for fans to get a simple and direct look at our content. The visuals are designed for boundless discoveries into what’s happening in the world, all simultaneously curated through a hip lens and a business-oriented slant. At the epicenter of cool, Trend Hunter’s Facebook page is a tool for budding entrepreneurs, industry professionals and cool hunters alike to come together and share ideas on the latest innovations around the globe.

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Additional links: Facebook page of Jeremy Gutsche, Chief Trend Hunter and award-winning author: (126,457 fans); About Trend Hunter: ; Trend Hunter’s


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Trend Hunter Inc.