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The BossTracker5000

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Apparently it’s not “humane" to microchip overscheduled executives like we do our cherished pets, but today’s in-demand business environment requires instant access and direct communication. Build a better boss and the world will beat a path to your door. Michael Shirley channeled his inner MacGyver to design the perfect homing device for the busy executive who has everything including Restless Legs Syndrome: The BossTracker5000. Euro RSCG Chicago’s Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson is a hard guy to catch at his desk, you see. So Shirley, who is Group Creative Director at the advertising agency, created the gizmo so he (and anyone else interested) would be instantly notified with a snappy tweet and a fresh photo each time Peterson plops down in his office chair. To see update in realtime visit: does it deserve to win???? WE MADE A CHAIR TWEET, THAT'S WHY. * The unit is triggered by a reed-switch sensor that monitors magnetic proximity. The signal is sent through a board to a processing sketch, which tells the computer to snap a webcam photo of Peterson and upload it to Twitpic with a saying chosen from a pool of prewritten zingers. The Twitpic post is immediately loaded to the BossTracker5000's Twitter feed. Voila! A chair that tweets. * The BossTracker5000 Twitter feed is live! Stalk Jason Peterson here: * Sample tweets, which are sent out through a randomizer: “Crouching tiger, sitting Jason." “Sit happens." “I’m in my office if you’d like to play Monopoly. And by play Monopoly, I mean do my expense reports." “I’m back, and business is takin’ care of me." “I heard the ice cream truck!" Full project outline:

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