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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Survivor Bell Choir

Finalist in Health & Fitness


In a category cluttered with cold, clinical messages, AdventHealth challenged us to:

Across their spectrum of services, this connection between body, mind and spirit was particularly important in Cancer Care, where the healing continues long after your physical and medical treatment ends. So we dedicated this campaign to the emotional journey that cancer patients experience before and after treatment, and let their story be the hope and joy we all crave during the holidays.

Strategy and Execution

AdventHealth is part of a special tradition that lives in the cancer wards of healthcare systems across the country. When a patient finishes their last chemo treatment, they ring a bell to signify victory over disease. 

Moved and inspired by this emotional ritual, we decided to conduct a never-before-done experiment. What if we could unite cancer survivors from across the country and turn their individual bell ringing into one united bell choir? Could the power of one person’s victory be amplified as a symbol of joy and strength for all of us? 

There was only one way to find out. We flew 18 cancer survivors of all ages and diagnoses and no musical ability to Orlando, Florida. And in just 3 days, AdventHealth’s Director of Music Therapy taught them to play handbells in harmony. The newly minted Survivor Bell Choir performed for a live audience, in the city’s biggest theater. And after fighting the greatest physical challenge of their lives, they discovered new ways to emotionally heal. 

Our 360 degree, omni-channel content approach enabled us to meet our consumers where they are. Videos were tailored to each platform and touchpoint based on user behaviors, and media tactics were optimized to video lengths. Combined, this approach allowed us to deliver the best viewing experience for our audience throughout the campaign. Our videos appeared on TV, Cable, and IGTV, as well as in Facebook newsfeeds, Instagram Stories, and Cinema. Additionally, we created a custom YouTube Channel and Playlist to house the full video experience. In order to drive in-the-moment views as well as drive traffic to the full video playlist, we ran media across Facebook, Instagram, broadcast, and YouTube, as well as performing press outreach and initiating employee activations. In the middle of a noisy holiday season, we shared a message of hope in a time we all need something to believe in. 

It was the perfect demonstration of the healing power of music, community and hope, as well as the importance of treating the mind and spirit, along with the body.


Awareness was high across channels:

And consumers connected with our content, despite the holiday clutter:

Most importantly, we helped 18 strangers form a lasting, personal support system and inspire other patients and consumers through their stories. The campaign was so successful, AdventHealth has decided to invest in additional Bell Choir content for the 2019 Holiday season.


Video for Survivor Bell Choir

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22squared, AdventHealth


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