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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


Finalist in Health & Fitness


The birth of a child. The need for a scan. A visit to a sick loved one. Each person enters and engages with a hospital for different reasons. But as a brand, how does a hospital stay relevant before and after those moments? With this question in mind, the Memorial Hermann team spent 2018 building and launching a data-informed content strategy designed to engage consumers, facilitate long-term relationships, build trust and drive revenue for the brand.

As we rolled out each piece of content, we listened and learned from our audience. We found they were most likely to engage with us on five key topics: healthy eating, fitness, family relationships, wellness and staying healthy within the city we serve, Houston.

Resolution was a campaign built out of these learnings. As a free, five-week challenge, Resolution was designed to provide solution-oriented support for common new year's resolutions—and goals we knew our audience was interested in because of their engagement with our content throughout 2018. Each week had a different focus:

Week One: Refresh your diet

Week Two: Recharge your workout

Week Three: Rekindle your relationships

Week Four: Renew your mind

Week Five: Rediscover your city

Armed with content and weekly challenges, the objective of Resolution was to activate our digital channels, capture leads, build relationships and drive value for the brand. Upon signing up, participants were offered five weeks' worth of weeknight meal plans and shopping lists, at-home workouts, weekly challenges, articles and videos, digital support and enticing giveaways.

Strategy and Execution

This campaign capitalized on a key “moment that matters” for healthcare brands: a new year and people’s desire to improve their health in 2019. While our audience had resolutions, our team had the experts and knowledge to provide solutions. With this as our base, the campaign was built around the following:

The content came in various forms:

  1. Weekly, digital PDFs sent via email with a meal plan and shopping list, detailed recipes, nutritional information and at-home workout guide.
  2. Videos on how to cook various recipes, information on healthy grocery shopping, GIFs of each workout, curated content featuring health and wellness topics and weekly Facebook Live events that expanded on the various challenges.
  3. Weekly articles that related to the challenge and focus of each week, all of which featured a doctor or expert within our healthcare system. 
  1. H-E-B, a Texas-based grocery store with hundreds of locations throughout the state.  Each week, we provided a customized landing page on H-E-B's website that featured all the ingredients needed to make the weekly meals. Participants could easily purchase the ingredients, pick their order up curb-side or have it delivered directly to their home.
  2. A local influencer, @SmartInTheKitchen, who's known for her family-friendly meal plans in Houston. This influencer created 25 weeknight dinner recipes that our dietitians then reviewed and optimized for nutritional purposes. Our in-house media team also photographed and created videos of the recipes. Lastly, the influencer promoted the campaign on her own social channels.
  3. The Houston Rockets, Westin Hotels, Lemon Laine and other vendors providing giveaways like personalized workouts, weekend getaways and shopping sprees that our participants competed to win.

Lastly, we created a closed Facebook group where participants could find digital support, ask questions and stay engaged.


In less than three weeks, we were able to attract 20,760 people to sign up for Resolution. This not only exceeded our goal of 10,000 participants but also set the record for the most successful lead-generation campaign in the company's history. Of the more than 20,000 participants, 76% fit within our "best customer" persona. 20% of those leads were completely new to Memorial Hermann and the average cost per lead was $1.03, 99% less than the healthcare average. Throughout the campaign, we deployed six emails to participants with an average open rate of 50%, 42% higher than the healthcare average, proving that we continued to keep participants interested and engaged all five weeks. From the campaign, we were also able to drive appointments to our primary care and specialty physicians. Moreover, the response from consumers was overly positive: 82% said they were more likely to choose Memorial Hermann because of Resolution, 55% said they were more active as a result of the campaign and 52% said they lost weight. There was also an overwhelming request to continue offering meal plans. Consequently, we developed Resolution Refresh, a seasonal take on the original program. Rather than providing weekly meal plans, however, Resolution Refresh offered quarterly recipe booklets inspired by seasonal ingredients. Each season featured a different Houston partner, including a farmers market, an acclaimed food publication and two well-known food influencers. Through Resolution Refresh, we garnered another 19,219 sign-ups, bringing total Resolution participants to 39,979.


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