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Plastic: It’s cheap, it’s everywhere, and it never goes away. That water bottle you threw out decades ago? It's still somewhere out there. There are 51 trillion pieces of microplastic - pieces no bigger than a sesame seed - floating in the ocean right now. That’s 500 times more than there are stars in our galaxy. And at the current rate, in just over 30 years there'll be more plastic in the ocean than fish (according to some, that’s already the case!) Larger pieces of plastic can entangle or kill marine life, while smaller ones are consumed by seabirds, fish and ultimately us. With this mini documentary we want to raise awareness and offer concrete solutions to a crisis for which we’re all responsible.

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Strategy and implementation for Waste-Ed (read: Waste Education) involves creating and distributing video content that raises awareness and acts as a call to action to save our planet. 

With a weekly reach of 2 million Facebook users, more than 125K Page likes and more than 140K followers, we create content that inspires change by highlighting the Earth’s crisis condition and offering concrete solutions. 

This documentary starts with the problem and diverts to positive examples of changemaking, such as The Ocean Cleanup project by eco-warrior icon Boyan Slat. We used Slat’s and others’ inspiration to challenge our social communities to pick up trash from the streets or the beaches. Because every single action counts.



Waste-Ed’s top performing video has a reach of over 42 million. We have a loyal, returning following, a global community of engaged activists and sustainability-minded people who share our content and act upon it.



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