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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

In the Know: Innovation

Finalist in Facebook

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The objective of In the Know: Innovation is to share important tech news with a wide audience and make it accessible and interesting in a world where the language surrounding tech news is often convoluted, high-brow, and only intended for an insider crowd. We share the latest and greatest news across all types of tech disciplines, featuring anything from the latest farming inventions to needle-less devices that help people with diabetes inject insulin. Ultimately, we want to show people the tech that will enrich their lives in a digestible and fun manner.

Strategy and Execution

In the Know: Innovation's strategy is simple – we make the eye-catching, deeply interesting content people want to see when they're scrolling through their feeds. If they're already going to pause upon seeing something interesting on their timelines, why not make it educational and useful information? Our team of video producers and editors starts by keeping up on the most interesting tech news on a daily basis, figuring out which types of news our audience is most interested in (for example, they're more likely to be interested in medical tech than in the latest smartphone), and share the completed videos across all of the verticals we have in our O&O family, including Yahoo!, AOL, and all the other In the Know pages. They also run on-platform on's front page, allowing us to interest audiences that aren't constantly on social media in addition to our Facebook and Instagram audiences.


The quick success of In the Know: Innovation was like a runaway train – since November 2017, we've accrued 20 million followers and 9.2 billion video views. Our top videos include surgical glue that quickly heals wounds, an earthquake-proof bed that could save your life, and an innovative device that helps police catch high-speed car chase subjects. We're also proud of our diverse audience, which is broken down into 44% women and 56% men. Our biggest audiences are in America, the Philippines, and India. Most of all, we're proud that we've been able to make this tech content, which is often completely inaccessible or underreported, into accessible, enjoyable, shareable videos that our audience loves and learns from every day.


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Verizon Media Group