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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Banana Republic True Hues

Finalist in Retail & E-Commerce


Launched during Diversity Month this April, Banana Republic proudly introduced the True Hues Collection — an assortment of inclusive nude colored essential undergarments and accessories designed to celebrate a range of skin tones. For over 50 years, Banana Republic’s parent company, Gap Inc., has championed equality for all in its workplaces and global communities to foster inclusivity, individuality and creativity.

True Hues is part of our platform supporting equality and designed to reflect Gap Inc.’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Through product, True Hues is another way we are underscoring the importance of inclusivity by representing our customers and employees.

Strategy and Execution

True Hues began with a “designer and a dream,” but it quickly grew to be much more than that and was brought to life with an inclusive mix of voices and perspectives. Because it was never planned as a main campaign, there wasn’t a big production or budget behind it. Instead, this came together in a very organic (and scrappy) way—driven by passion to do what’s right.

The True Hues campaign was photographed on dancers from Full Out Studios based in Oakland, CA. Full Out seeks to represent a diverse group of individuals that make up their community to reflect a range of art and expression that makes them stronger. Their identity aims to match the community it serves, which beautifully reflects the larger vision of inclusivity in True Hues.


The response to True Hues exceeded our goals and was extremely well-received — both by our customers and our employees. Humanizing the product and the people in the campaign connected with our audience in a way that moved us all. On Instagram, our posts and stories resulted in 1.33M impressions (and counting) and had an effectiveness rate of 7.41% (well above average). Since it launched, our True Hues shoes post is the third most commented post of the year, fifth most liked with 25,000 likes and the fifth most saved photo on our Instagram of all time! While metrics are important, it’s the comments from our customers that deeply moved us:

@vyoletfemme: “Well it’s about time! Well done @bananarepublic! Thank you for seeing us.”

@paola.atlason: “Yes yes yes!!! I’m crying happy tears. A dream come true.”

@wsbfab: “This is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time!!! Thank you for making nude in my color.”

@thepostpartumcloset: “This is incredible! As a woman of color and an attorney who frequently wears suits with heels, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am that you are offering nude pumps that match more than one skin tone. I have logged far too many hours looking for nude heels. Inclusion is so important. THANK YOU!”


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Banana Republic


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