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MusEffect, 501c3 Igniting Social Conversations through Dance and Film

Finalist in NGO

About this entry

MusEffect is a fresh departure from the approach of your traditional dance concert company.This Los Angeles based nonprofit company is composed of eclectic artists from all over the expansive globe. MusEffect uses spoken word, film and movement to explore contemporary social issues in an apolitical manner. Our divergent approach has been engaging audiences since December of 2010. MusEffect is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a constructive dialogue on social issues through performance art, while enriching and empowering audiences of all socioeconomic backgrounds. MusEffect explores topics relevant to today's society with a purpose to ignite personal initiative and encourage healing.

We live in an age where it is often easier to sweep the dirt under the rug, then to dig in and get dirty. This methodology of turning our head to our problems is consequently creating more social issues throughout the generations. MusEffect strongly believes it is time to lead our youth social leaders into action and ignite them into laying groundwork for their future.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The artists of MusEffect are readily involved in community service missions throughout the greater United States, proving to be equally impactful social leaders even when they are out of the spotlight.MusEffect ignites the conversations of social conditions using two prominent forms of art, live interactive stage shows and engaging social media films. Both unique MusEffect formats have repeatedly proved to be key factors in activating social responsibility. The focus of MusEffect's work is to create a platform of conversation and awareness, leading audiences to seek and act upon a solution of their own.

MusEffect's educational program, The Divine Direction, provides today's youth an opportunity for a high level of engagement. For a brief moment in time these students leave their social media devices aside and get involved in a true human to human experience. The performers of MusEffect use movement, spoken word and film to explore contemporary social topics from an apoitical perspective so audience members can draw their own conclusions. MusEffect is able to connect with these young social leaders at this pivotal moment in their life's development, activating them into leaders over their current social constructs. Our unique approach is developed to provoke raw, visceral emotions, and then empower them into action.

MusEffect draws inspiration from the current social topics of society, and develops work that initiates a constructive and productive conversation through the unique collaboration of spoken word, film and movement. Over the years the Public Service Announcements release in film format online have proved to produce a high level of engagement by igniting viewers into action on both a local and global scale.

MusEffect's unique apolitical approach is not making decisions for our future, but instead fueling their fire to march into action. Utilizing art forms such as spoken word, film and dance creates an inviting presentation of social topics, that otherwise would not be easily approached. MusEffect presents a wide range of social subjects that effect and impact a wide range of our audiences. We cover contemporary issues such as Cyberbullying, Same Sex Relationships, Technology Abuse, Female Empowerment and Texting and Driving. As well as timeless issues that connect with a wide range of viewers, Domestic Abuse, Mental Illness, Body Image and Senseless Violence.


MusEffect has a direct impact on todays youth. Whether it be through our presence on social media, or our active engagement in the school systems our target audience proves annually to be ages 12-18. MusEffect uses our unique collaboration of social purposes discussed through various art forms to communicate with the younger generations. Our PSAs are now being used in thousands upon thousands of school systems globally to initiate discussions over hot topics such as cyberbullying, gun violence, compassion and teen abuse.

Not only do we use our PSA's to begin social activism discussion but we put our young audience members into social action in their own communities. Since MusEffect's presence in 2013 we have begun to cultivate generations of engaged artists and audiences. A culture of giving has begin to evolve around the MusEffect vision, and has begun to empower many layers of youth leaders who value social responsibility and are activating their peers to do the same. Muse4Kindness Campaigns have evolved across the nation not by MusEffect, but by their youth supporters. These youth social leaders are taking responsibility into their own hands to make a difference within their own communities. There is no greater mission for MusEffect then to see that our work in raising social awareness through the arts is transforming the social leaders of the future.


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