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Got Vaccines? Got Life!

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Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance's "Got vaccines? Got life!" campaign is an effective and compelling representation of how the organization's unique, public-private partnership model has delivered 18 years of innovation and progress in immunization. It drives home the urgent importance of increasing global vaccination coverage and - along the way - brings to life the critical role that Gavi plays in ensuring that everyone has an equal shot at life, no matter who they are or where they live.

Each year, vaccines not only save an estimated 2-3 million lives but also accelerate progress on several other social challenges. Ultimately, they set off a domino effect for healthy growth and development - defending children against diseases that can cause malnutrition, stunting and impaired brain development. By ensuring kids are healthy enough to attend school, immunization allows them to reap the benefits of education and enables parents to participate in the workforce and provide for their families rather than staying at home to care for sick kids.

Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective ways to improve health, but countries around the world still face difficulty in financing immunization programs. Gavi is addressing this challenge by bringing innovative vaccines to low- and middle-income countries at low prices and in sustainable supply. The "Got Vaccines? Got Life!" campaign will illuminate how Gavi serves as the missing link between the private and public sectors, expanding global immunization coverage and bringing the world one step closer to reaping the health and social benefits that follow.

Strategy and Execution

Sharing lessons learned - and content

Gavi cultivated a series of stories to illustrate the partnership's innovative approach to transforming the global immunization landscape. These stories spotlight the experiences of real people, demonstrating how - in addition to driving sweeping progress in global health and development - Gavi has also made a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals. Each story has been carefully timed to a key moment in the global health agenda to captivate the attention of influencers, champions and the general public. So far, they include:

World Immunization Week (April)

"Cold supply for hot demand" - Gavi's transformation of the market for the necessary equipment for vaccine delivery in the world's poorest countries

"Catching epidemics before they catch us" - Gavi's holistic approach to stopping disease outbreaks through immunization

World Health Assembly (May)

"Partners in prevention" - The implementation of Gavi's cholera vaccine campaign with WaterAid and Zambia

G7 Summit (June)

"Transition twins" - Exploring how Gavi has helped Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste team up to sustainably self-finance immunization

Post-G7 Summit (July)

"The people behind the partnership" - How Gavi closely collaborates with The Global Fund in Burkina Faso to make every development dollar count

Digital assets

Throughout the campaign, Gavi's social media team has provided a wide variety of engaging digital assets for partners to use across their digital channels. These videos, GIFs and photographs were designed to captivate the attention of the user sitting on the opposite side of the screen, illustrating the human side and emotional impact of each story.

One key piece of creative content, a Gavi-produced video, brings to life the message that behind every life saved is the gift of a powerful future. The video features footage of various individuals, showing how the future has materialized for those that Gavi has reached with life-saving vaccines. For some it is receiving a diploma, for others it is following the passions of sport and dance, but for all it is realizing a potential that would have been impossible without the protective power of immunization.

Harnessing the power of partners

Gavi has encouraged a diverse set of partners and stakeholders – including country representatives, donors, technical partners, civil society organizations and private sector partners – to engage throughout the "Got Vaccines? Got Life!" campaign. Contributions have included feeding into the campaign development process, advocating for Gavi's mission and helping to showcase successes and challenges through country stories and case studies. To further facilitate partner contributions, Gavi published all campaign stories under a Creative Commons license, ensuring everyone can easily share content.

Partners have also been encouraged to submit their own digital and social media content to the Gavi social media team. Whenever possible, Gavi promotes and amplifies this content across its social media channels. Gavi-powered and curated spaces like the Vaccines Work blog and @Vaccines Twitter account also remain at the disposal of its partners and vaccine champions. If partners are interested in publishing a blog or curating the @Vaccines handle, Gavi has facilitated those opportunities.


By the end of 2018, Gavi will have immunized 700 million people, helping to save 10 million lives in the world's poorest countries since the organization's inception in 2000. Beyond the results reached by the end of this year, Gavi has reinforced its reputation as a trusted partner in implementing its previous promises. With Gavi's assistance, developing countries are on track to immunize an additional 300 million children between 2016 and 2020. This will save 5-6 million more lives and generate economic benefits totaling US$ 80-100 billion. Finally, Gavi is also contributing to self-reliance and sustainable national budgets in its partner countries. Sixteen Gavi countries are fully financing their vaccine programs, and four more are on track to do so by the end of 2020.


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