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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Every Girl’s A Super Girl

Gold Distinction in Contest or Promotion

About this entry

To generate awareness and encourage game play of Star Stable among tween and teen girls in the U.S.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Every girl deserves encouragement to dream big, stand strong and be themselves. That's why Swedish online game, Star Stable, partnered with Nickelodeon to create a partnership of epic firsts and spur a movement of female empowerment for young women around the world.

Leveraging the star power of teen sensation JoJo Siwa, the campaign kicked off in April 2018 to increase awareness of Star Stable with American audiences.

For the first time, JoJo created a track exclusively for a partner. Star Stable players were able to hear the girl-power anthem, "Every Girl's A Super Girl," before anyone else when it premiered with an in-game performance at the disco. Custom social content was created to showcase the partnership and new features in the game driving JoJo fans across the country to sign-up for the game to snag early access to their beloved star.

All players were fully immersed in a virtual "JoJo-fied" world, boasting JoJo-themed quests, JoJo swag for the avatars, and even JoJo herself! Fans got to see JoJo like never before when she—and her beloved dog BowBow—were transformed into avatars. Motion capture technology allowed JoJo's iconic moves to be digitized for the first time into a choreographed dance that players could learn and perform together.

With over 29 million impressions (an over-delivery of 42 percent), the synergies between the two brands perfectly melded to amplify the importance of empowering girls at a young age. Star Stable grew their player base and the partnership made headlines everywhere.


The Star Stable campaign was among the top five awareness campaigns: delivering 2x times more impressions than average Nickelodeon Velocity campaigns to date.

The campaign averaged 59% more video views thanks to JoJo's star talent and devoted fan base.

The campaign generated 79% more engagements than all other Nick Velocity campaigns.

Compared to other campaigns Nickelodeon has activated with JoJo, her Star Stable content garnered 61% more video views and 1.4x more impressions.

YouTube Results:

JoJo's YouTube content for Star Stable garnered more video views than any other YouTube video she has created on behalf of Nickelodeon Velocity Advertiser!

Seeing JoJo come to life in a never been done before way, really excited fans! JoJo's video content drove 80% more views than her average total video views after the first 30 days.

JoJo's Music Video was a hit with her fans! The video delivered 3.7M views on YouTube.

Facebook Results:

Facebook was the largest video view driver on behalf on Nickelodeon and garnered an above average Video View Rate of 28.50%.

Instagram Results:

Nickelodeon Star Stable Instagram campaign posts garnered 14% more engagements than average Nickelodeon Velocity campaigns.

Instagram garnered an additional 200K+ impressions from earned conversation with fans creating UGC showcasing their avatars at the disco and using #StarStable or #EveryGirlsASuperGirl.

The Instagram Story was Nickelodeon's most watched post of this campaign, with clips from JoJo's new song and music video following close behind.


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