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WB Good

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Storytelling is how we connect. And come together. It's the way we're able to understand people who are remarkably different from us and feel connected to those who share similar experiences. Indeed, storytelling is one of the many things that bind us together.

At Warner Bros., a global leader in all forms of entertainment, including television, film and video games, our business and passion is storytelling, in all its different forms. We've seen first-hand the power that storytellers have to change the world for the better. We believe that new perspectives and unique voices lay the foundation for all of our great stories.

In 2018, we launched WB Good, Warner Bros.' Corporate Responsibility brand and platform. Under the umbrella of WB Good, our mission is to make a positive impact on the world through initiatives that encourage young people to be storytellers, create access and opportunities for new voices, and drive sustainable production.

Strategy and Execution

To put our beliefs to work and create real-world social impact, we have focused our efforts around three core pillars that align with our values as a company and community member.

The Next Great Storytellers: As home to some of the world's most renowned stories and storytellers, we believe that having the right tools to share your unique perspectives isn't just important, it's a superpower. At WB we want to lift up and empower young voices so that they can see that their stories matter.

Changing the Narrative: As entertainers and content creators, we champion new voices, experiences, and viewpoints. We strive to provide opportunities to those who haven't had traditional pathways into the entertainment industry so that the stories we tell are reflective of our audiences and remain long-lasting.

Making Stories Sustainably: The greatest backdrop in the business is our natural environment. We weave sustainable practices into our productions to ensure the future of storytelling is preserved for generations to come.

Signature programs of WB Good include:

Story Lab, in partnership with Young Storytellers and the Los Angeles Unified School District, aims to develop a generation of young people who value their voice and the voices of their peers. The program provides an in-school curriculum for sixth grade middle school students that reinforces the core values of storytelling – confidence, empathy and creativity. By the end of the program, students have created a biographical superhero reflective of their own journey and super powers.

First Cut, in partnership with Ghetto Film School and the Los Angeles Unified School District, uses a teach-the-teacher model to provide high school students the opportunity to learn high-quality filmmaking skills in the classroom. High school teachers are trained in the art of filmmaking and how to incorporate filmmaking into traditional lesson plans and assignments. The program provides students who have not traditionally had exposure to filmmaking with expanded opportunities as they pursue their schooling and careers in storytelling.

Access to Action was designed to foster diversity and inclusion throughout our workforce and among our content creators. Working with partners across production, Warner Bros. actively looks for opportunities to provide access to emerging talent and pathways to underrepresented voices. As part of this commitment, Access to Action provides Production Assistant (PA) jobs to young adults who have not traditionally had pathway into the entertainment industry. PAs are placed in departments across production and able to use their time on set as a first-step in their production careers.

Warner Bros. Green Production Program is our global initiative of implementing environmentally sustainable practices across our feature film and television productions. Our practices include using cutting-edge technologies like LED set lighting and digital distribution software, recycling and donating leftover food and surplus materials to local community partners. Our mission is to further integrate sustainable measures into all aspects of our business so that our efforts contribute to a healthier planet for our employees, our communities and our global audience.


Since the inception of WB Good just last year, three new social impact programs have launched under its umbrella, joining many others which have been in place at the studio for years. All of our programs have been designed to create meaningful impact and sustainability for scale. We are proud to share some of the results below.


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