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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Anti-Hate Campaign

Finalist in Video

About this entry

All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse is an international not-for-profit organisation established for bringing greater accountability and responsibility to the current state of the internet. “Anti-Hate Campaign” was produced to highlight the prolific abuse that is accepted on the internet. Hidden behind screens anonymity is equally as harmful as offline abuse. This is an issue that is not brought to the fore within our social media streams and very much needed. The objective then of “Anti-Hate Campaign” was to show this impact of our everyday lives whether we are willing to see this destruction or not on the unregulated tool – the Internet. This was the purpose to the video – short and impactful that can also be shared within education programs as well as our online environment for the organisation Stop Hate UK. Stop Hate UK contributed towards some of the comments within the entered film.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The strategy behind “Anti-Hate Campaign” was aimed at bringing awareness to the online community – which is made up of 51% of the world’s population – that our words are equally as harmful as our actions. We portrayed the fact that it is often forgotten that there are people behind both writing the words and also those who receive it. In doing so, we implemented visual effects to show that these impacts to the body are just like that of physical abuse. The video has been released within educational programs around the world to help educate and change the behaviour of online behaviour, beginning with the youth.


The success of this particular video doesn’t lie within a view count as the purpose was to be shown to youth around the world in programs and offer a point of live discussion which then furthered their understanding of the tolerance that is currently accepted with how we speak with each other. It has won international awards for its recognition for brining much needed awareness to the state of the internet and due to this video many cyber organisations have been able to utilise it to share the message to both the younger internet users and adults. It has captured the impact we have with words in the world and has initiated many more nationally accredited organisations to collaborate with All Rise to produce videos and ad campaigns to get the message out to an even greater audience. One of particular reference is below, followed by the second video in this Anti-Hate campaign.

The National Health Service (UK): (password: nhs) (password: nhs) (password: nhs) (password: nhs) Anti-Hate Campaign Video 2:


Video for Anti-Hate Campaign

Entrant Company / Organization Name

All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse