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Special Project

Special Project
From the 2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

The Modist Social Media Launch campaign

Finalist in Fashion, Beauty & Luxury, YouTube Presence

Entered in Influencer & Celebrity, Multi-Platform Campaign, Instagram Presence


The campaign objective was to launch The globally and to touch a global fashion audience that had not been spoken to vis a vis conservative chic dressing, nor that had been addressed with the term 'modest'. Further, it was to explain this new curation of fashion, a diverse, niche but widespread need for beautifully curated modern modest fashion from recognized contemporary designer brands.

Our woman is global, and social media resonates more highly for her than any other medium – enticing her sense of style, community, reference and beauty.

The campaign was 3 fold: mini teaser videos for pre-launch, teaser blogger engagement with posts relating to The Modist, and a brand film reveal describing what The Modist is - luxury modest style for the extraordinary woman.

The campaign was measurable; launching our social media platforms; namely Instagram and gaining followers who in turn log on to, browse the site, and purchase. 60% of the site's traffic to date stems from social media and circa 20% of our customers have been driven by social, 38% by referral traffic post the social campaigns.

The campaign facilitated:

  1. An Increase in exposure; a brand new site need to reach as many people within our target audience as possible.
  2. Create Traffic on which in turn allows us to monitor page views, unique visitors, length of visits, and countries that engaged more than others.
  3. Develop Loyal Fans and constantly engage with them
  4. Generate sales on the site.

Strategy and Execution

The Modist, the world's first luxury platform for modest dressing enables modest dressers to look fashionable and enjoy their modesty. We want to empower their choices and herald the freedom to express a luxurious, modest and modern sensibility . Our modest dressers cross faiths, creeds and geographies are everywhere – having a conservative sense applies to valued women, business women, older women, sized women and religious or not, we cater for their taste and ethos.

We started off with the thinking of a group of women being inclusive. Modest dressers who are from all over the world and want to dress modestly. Our styling and visual assets promote this sense of inclusive beautiful fashion, while being modest and we engaged the right influencers to disseminate The Modist's ethos.

We used our teaser videos, brand film and influencer engagement to tell The Modist's story - to stir people's emotions and demonstrate that our platform stands for diversity and inclusion and freedom of this modest sense of expression.

Teaser videos comprised of a squad of women dressed luxuriously modestly on the streets of London, enjoying each other's company whilst getting ready, and bring lightness and fun to modest dressing.

The bloggers shared their vision of modesty on their social media platforms dressed modestly too.

The brand film really depicted what a luxury modest dresser and is a very liberating edit of modest dressing.

These 3 components ignited the launch of our social media platforms and a lot of interest to get onto our site that launched on March 8th - International Women's Day.


The influencer campaign generated over 5,000 followers in our first 4 days of launching our Instagram account.

The teaser videos kept our audience engaged until we launched on March 8th.

The brand film went viral, with over 1,000 shares on their respective social media pages. It currently has 10,000 views on YouTube, but over 50,000 views on social media (not our pages, but others combined)

The brand film generated press leads from Refinery 2, CNN, Vogue, and many more that put us on the map.

Today we now have 40k followers since inception (we went live on March 2nd)


Video for The Modist Social Media Launch campaign

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The Modist


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