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Garanti Pension - WWF Earth Hour Awareness Project on Social Media

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There are quite a few endangered species in Mediterranean Regions. Even though these species are under extreme dangers, it looks like people of these regions have no knowledge of the issue. The region which is the homeland of the mentioned species has the most popular touristic attractions in Turkey, therefore there are many contents related with these species shared on digital channels such as photos, videos etc... From this point of view, we decided to enlighten maximum numbers of people by creating various mini movies where these endangered species are caught on camera. On the other hand, every year many environmental blackout campaigns launch in Turkey but many of them fails to deliver the real message to people and creating a sense of awareness. This project is especially designed to deliver the real message to millions of people and showing them the tangible results of their actions and why it matters when they participate in Earth Hour Project by going in a blackout. We aimed to make people see the positive effect they have created, the species that can be saved by themselvesand what they are able to improve by contributing consciously further on.

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WWF's Earth Hour is a project attended by millions of people from Turkey every year. It creates awareness by each participant going in a complete blackout for a whole hour. This project is executed with the cooperation of WWF which is widely respected by the public and carried out many similar projects on the topic well before. Throughout the project, we prepared mini viral videos about the endangered species around the Mediterranean Regions to raise awareness among people and integrated the prepared content to WWF's Earth Hour project. To reach the maximum number of people, we decided to use "Social Media" as our main focused channel. We aimed to make as many as people to see and interact with the content by putting all of our effort and budget on social media. Project was able to achieve the intended purpose of changing people's view of blackout campaigns and inviting people to contribute such projects with much more awareness by showing them why it matters to turn the lights off by displaying real life examples and incidents. This way people was able to comprehend the means of their actions in a much wider scale and understand their actions will be the insurance of mentioned species existence in the future. We did not just raised awareness but also turned their awareness into a more conscious one.


In the scope of the project, 400.000 social media reach was aimed using three mini videos.

We exceeded the predicted numbers and reached 414.000 users, received 100.000 interactions. Almost half a million people improved their knowledge on endangered species, the positive results of WWF Earth Hour Project and realized the importance of the issue.


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Sophisto İstanbul, Garanti Emeklilik


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