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Special Project

Special Project NEW!
From the 2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Reducing Leading Causes of Workplace Injury and Illness

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About this entry

National Safety Month is observed annually in June and focuses on reducing the leading causes of injury and death in the workplace, on the road and in our communities. In the quest to #KeepEachOtherSafe, RedVector joined the National Safety Council (NSC) to offer important safety tips, tools and resources each week throughout the month of June.

RedVector, a leader in the eLearning and performance support space, strives to help organizations in their mission to instill a culture of safety and reduce injury and illness in the workplace. In order to raise awareness about some of the most common safety hazards, RedVector published articles, recaps and resources covering everything from fall protection to fighting fatigue on its blog, social media channels and in emails during the month of June. RedVector encouraged clients, prospects and partners to read and share these safety tips and resources.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Essentially, RedVector sought to put a new spin on the old "PSA" concept – using short, punchy headlines and copy on the creative so that safety statements, stats and tips could be understood quickly. Plus, materials could be easily shared, printed, distributed etc. among customers, prospects, social media followers and others.

Each week in June, RedVector tackled a leading cause of workplace injury or illness and developed social media imagery, blog posts and emails around these critical safety topics.

Week 1

Take a Stand Against Falls

Did you know? Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, including concussions.

Week 2

Sleep on This

Insufficient sleep has been called a public health problem, as 37% of the U.S. workforce is sleep deprived. Proper sleep is necessary to avoid injuries at home and at work.

Week 3

Run Hide Fight

Active shooter situations are unpredictable, but being prepared might save your life. Learn the tactics (including Run, Hide, Fight) that could protect you from a worst-case scenario.

Week 4

We've Got Your Back

Back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries in the workplace. Only the common cold accounts for more lost days of work. Prevent injury with techniques for proper lifting and more.


RedVector's top priority was to raise awareness about some of the most common safety hazards and provide actionable training tips to reduce risk. We received participation in the form of clients printing materials for their hallways and break areas. The promotion also brought in new RedVector blog subscribers looking for safety training tips and resources, left thousands of social media impressions and encouraged hundreds of social actions among our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook community members.


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