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Special Project NEW!
From the 2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Journey of the Jaguar

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About this entry

Jaguars are facing rapid habitat loss, poachers, and population isolation, all of which are threatening the species' existence. Without proactive conservation measures, these creatures ultimately face extinction.

Now, sixteen years after he initiated a radical shift in jaguar conservation, Panthera's Dr. Alan Rabinowitz is returning to jaguar country on one of the most ambitious conservation missions in history: to secure the 5,000-mile Jaguar Corridor that runs Mexico to Argentina. Over the next three years and in partnership with governments, corporations, and local communities, Panthera and Dr. Rabinowitz will work to preserve the genetic integrity of the jaguar by protecting core populations and the vital connectivity that has sustained them for hundreds of thousands of years.

The Journey of the Jaguar campaign is uniquely bold in vision, scale, and reach. Panthera partnered with Oxbow to ensure that the story is designed and shared successfully with supporters and advocates worldwide. Oxbow has captured the journey with a custom campaign brand, content, and interactive microsite.

Over the next 3 years, Oxbow will share this journey and Dr. Rabinowitz's travels with Panthera's advocates in an integrated digital campaign. The effectiveness of the campaign relies on beautiful storytelling and tactful activation of Panthera's global audiences. Those who visit the site or follow the campaign should grow an investment in the species, an interest in Panthera's research, and an awareness of what the foundation is doing on the ground.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In partnership with Panthera's communications team, Oxbow has led the design, development and strategic planning of Panthera's Jaguar Corridor Walk digital campaign. Oxbow has and will continue to provide creative and strategic services across social, web, and email to ensure campaign objectives are met.

The keystone of the Journey of the Jaguar project is it's platform. The campaign kicked off with the launch of a groundbreaking website that provides visitors with the ability to follow scientists, researchers, politicians, and Panthera employees on their walks through Jaguar territory in real time. Maps, tweets, blog posts, and media keep the visitor informed and engaged as they travel into the southern hemisphere.

Simultaneously, two social media campaigns were launched, both designed to direct viewers to the website and engage in the current walks. During the course of the first walk, several Facebook live events with scientists, ranchers, and even Dr. Rabinowitz himself were hosted. These events allowed big cat enthusiasts, Panthera loyals, and even new followers to engage, comment, and ask questions of the pros in the field.

And this is only the beginning. Because the walks will continue over the course of the next three years, Oxbow and Panthera have designed a sustainable, evolving, and self-perpetuating campaign. A comprehensive marketing strategy has been put in place, and Panthera and Oxbow will continue to drive people to gain an understanding and interest in The Journey of the Jaguar.


For sake of brevity, we'll look at the success of three key campaign efforts - Facebook live events, return on ad spend, and the success of the site itself.

Facebook live sessions provided a forum for questions on Jaguars, research, and the project at large, bringing in over 55,500 views and 420 engagements. For comparison, the most views that a live video from Panthera would accrue before this campaign was 3,300 - the most-watched live video during the campaign reached over 13,600.

Views and visitors to the site are essential to keeping this project alive, but donations will also always be important; these gifts allow scientists to continue their research and for Panthera to spread the word. We're happy that for every dollar spent on this campaign, $2.50 of profit was brought in - a 256.7% return on ad spend.

Finally, through innovative interactive design the site itself raised awareness, encouraged advocacy, and allowed followers to feel involved in the issue at hand. Site visitors now have an understanding of the journey of the jaguar, and the incredible effort that it has and will take to secure the jaguar corridor.

A few select comments on Journey of the Jaguar:

"I wish I could work in big cat conservation. It makes me happy to know that you and your team are out there doing this important work."

"Amazing website, amazing journey"

"Very informative. Great work you're doing!"


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Oxbow, Panthera


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