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Special Project
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BET Goes Pink

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For the sixth year in a row, BET Networks launched BET Goes Pink to promote awareness of the most commonly diagnosed cancer among African American women: breast cancer. Through this campaign BET Networks continues its dedication to closing the racial disparities of breast cancer and ensuring African-American women are included in the conversation, especially during the month of October. The campaign sought to empower African American women to take control of their health and this year BET partnered with the American Cancer Society to bring information and resources about breast cancer prevention to the BET audience and beyond.

The campaign encourages women to dedicate time in their schedules to take care of themselves and their two special friends: their breasts. It encourages women to celebrate their bodies by prioritizing their health. The fun and upbeat call-to-action sought to eliminate the stigma and anxiety that may be associated with getting a breast exam and to help eliminate the stigma and anxiety around breast cancer screenings and make it a regular, natural and painless part of our audience's routines.

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Through two bright and upbeat PSA's, informative articles regularly published on the BET Goes Pink dedicated website, and the Q&A session: "The Check Ya-Self Quiz, BET empowered women to celebrate their bodies, prioritize the health of their breasts, and increase awareness on the issue of breast cancer, particularly among African American women.

This year's BET Goes Pink 2016 campaign, A Day with the Girls, used inherent markers of sisterhood to highlight the importance of the "girls" aka breasts, and encouraged women to have a "Girl's Day Out" check-up as part of their self-care.

In all versions of the PSA's the women have marked off a special day to take care of their breast health on their calendars. The PSA is meant to set a good example for its viewers to follow and prompt them to integrate breasts cancer screenings into a scheduled routine.

In the BET Goes Pink "The Check Ya-Self Quiz", the PSA cast and crew test their knowledge about breast cancer. Through the quiz viewers can learn how informed they are about breast cancer.

By creating the hashtag, #BETGoesPink, BET put our audience in the driver's seat and had them engage in a two way conversation about breast prevention and being your own health advocate.

BET created two unique PSAs reinforcing the "Day with the Girls" theme to spark engagement. BET created a dedicated website for the month of October with timely articles and data about the issue of breast cancer. In addition, social media was integral to the campaign with our audience encouraged to use the dedicated hashtag #BETGoesPink. #BETGoesPink helped to push out the messaging around the BET breast cancer awareness campaign throughout the month of October. BET's social media department pushed out breast cancer related messaging including clips from the PSA's, the Q&A and information provided by our campaign partner, American Cancer Society.

BET also showcased its BET Goes Pink campaign to Viacom employees. BET brought the BET Goes Pink campaign to life by inviting Viacom employees to take fun pictures on the BET Goes Pink branded Photo booth and share the important messages with their social media audience Our partner non-profit, American Cancer Society fielded questions and gave away material on breast cancer prevention and awareness.

Overall, the BET Goes Pink campaign leveraged all platforms for the 2016 campaign including: on-air, online, social media and employee outreach.


This year BET aired the PSA's over 300 times during the course of the month on both Centric and BET Networks at a media value of over $126,000. The campaign delivered over $126,000 in media value. Finally, the campaign generated over 324k engagements via social media and 15.5 million in social media impressions.


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