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Special Project
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MusEffect is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a dialogue on social issues through performance, while enriching and empowering a full range of audiences. MusEffect explores topics relevant to today's society with a purpose to ignite personal initiative and encourage healing.

To experience the MusEffect is to feel the synergy between art, intellect and intention. These three principles, woven together, cultivate positive and permanent changes that elevate the quality of life amongst our participants.

Combining entertaining dance movement, enchanting videography with a strong social message has been key to connecting with audiences of all ages and walks of life. MusEffect's work sparks contagious fires in individuals across the globe on a daily basis. It is this 501c3's objective to use their method of raising social awareness to empower audiences to begin taking action within their own communities leading to a greater sense of personal social responsibility and change.

Strategy and Execution

It is very important to MusEffect as a company to produce consistent work that can make a difference in today's society. With the increasing impactful methods of reaching our audiences we are active in creating the work that inspires action not only through online PSAs, but also live stage shows, awards shows, community service impact as well as our on going methods of engaging the youth in our nonprofit work.

With the explosion of social media and the online space, we have taken advantage of the opportunity to use YouTube to reach the masses. Our PSA's cover social issues including body image, texting and driving, mental illness and cyberbullying with the latter reaching over 1.2 million views.

While MusEffect has had the honor of sharing their stage show, The Divine Direction, for years throughout the greater Southern California Community, they are thrilled to be initiating their first US tour initiating in the Winter of 2016. MusEffect is so excited to take this empowering show across the country and spread our message to those who need it most. The Divine Direction explores life's pivotal moments, ranging from first kiss to domestic abuse, all while fusing social intention, dance, film and spoken word into one.

MusEffect is invested in always furthering our message and has been fortunate enough to be granted multiple awards in our 3 years as a non-profit company. We were awarded the 2015 Dance Company Grant by the Industry Dance Awards and Judges Choice and Audience Choice PSA by the Awareness Film Festival. Most recently, MusEffect performed at the World Choreography Awards and our Creative Director, Jessica Starr was awarded the Breakout Artist of the Year.

Being a 501c3, MusEffect seizes opportunities to directly serve the community outside of the performing arts as well. By teaming up with fellow non-profit organizations, MusEffect routinely participates in food drives, charitable walks, cyberbullying prevention, raising money for various organizations and replanting local LA gardens, just to name a few. The overall mission to do good starts with the compassionate cast of artists that make up MusEffect and extends through their families, friends, students and fans of the company to truly make an impact globally.

As a non-profit company, MusEffect loves the opportunity to work with young artists that are as passionate and driven as we are. MusEffect hosts The Muse and Mini Muse Experience each year with over 50 selectively chosen participants from across North America. This program is focused not only on dance training but also on creative development, social issues, community service, industry experience and personal growth. All of these elements combined develop young social activist throughout the country and cultivate future MusEffect leaders.


MusEffect uses their unique vehicle of elevating social consciousness through dance and film to initiate some of the conversations that are the most difficult to face in today's society. Their viral PSA videos as well as their full length stage shows are created to encourage action and empower healing worldwide. MusEffect's online work has reached over 25 countries, has been used as a social learning tool in over 500 schools nationwide and has praised by such reputable press as the Huffington Post, San Francisco Global, Upworthy and Buzzfeed to name a few. While this non profit has close to 1.5 million views on YouTube, the real value in their work lies in the countless heart wrenching e-mails and private messages of personal triumph we have received. Hearing that our PSA's gave a teen courage to think twice before suicide, or that is served as a platform for a mom to begin the discussion of cyberbullying with their teen is truly how we measure our success. Silence is deadly and knowing MusEffect's work can begin the conversations our society needs the most is monumental.


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