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Special Project

Special Project
From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Inspiring Any #WaytoVeg

Entered in Consumer Brand, Food & Beverage


The single easiest decision you can make to do good for yourself and the planet is eat a little less meat and eat a little more veggies. MorningStar Farms and Kellogg went as far to commission a study with Quantis (leaders in lifecycle assessment consulting) to show the impact that swapping a meat-containing meal for veggie-based one has on water usage, land usage, and greenhouse gas emissions. MorningStar Farms partnered with GOOD to create social content that explains that impact, leveraging the data from the study, in a way that's easy to digest and share. The objective was to show consumers how big the impact can be from swapping just one meal a week, and that MSF is there to make it even easier for them with convenient and delicious plant-based products. #WayToVeg

Strategy and Execution

Partnering with GOOD lends additional credibility to MorningStar Farms' sustainability message, because they not only are thought leaders in the social responsibility space, but also engage their millennial audience on issues associated with positive change. Together we created 2 data vizeos, in addition to 16 GIFs, that were posted across MorningStar Farms' social channels as well as GOOD's brand studio social channels and on the GOOD home page. GOOD also sent out a dedicated e-blast promoting the campaign and 2 blog posts.

The work is unique because it leverages the study that MorningStar Farms commissioned, showing the environmental impact of choosing veggie-based meals over meat-based meals. The content also features custom illustrations that combine beautiful graphics with relevant points of data. The data vizeos, "How to Cook Something Good" and "What You're Eating… is Eating" are both intended to be fun, informative, thought provoking and surprising. They leave the viewers knowing that not only is eating less meat good for the world, it's also a deliciously growing trend that's easy to be a part of. The GIFs produced alongside the videos enable viewers to easily share thought provoking statistics with their friends to further spread the "vegucation."

The release and promotion of this campaign aligned with the launch and distribution of the brand's documentary series, The Veg Effect™ | When Less Meats More™, and campaign about 5 real stories, from real people with very different lives, each choosing to make a difference with their own personal way to veg. The GIFs and vizeos were played around the premiere event of the docu-series in NYC.


Overall, our collaborative approach of sharing the content across MorningStar Farms and GOOD accounts resulted in noteworthy engagement, reinforcing the idea that good ideas paired with strong social media execution is a winning strategy.

Distributing our data-driven vizeos & GIFs provided a snackable, effective method of getting the world to learn, understand and champion the #WayToVeg mantra. The distribution of content came from our MSF social handles as well as the GOOD handle (whitelisted and promoted with MSF funds), which further solidified the partnership and association between MSF and GOOD. By posting the highly-shareable and engaging content on our social channels, we were able to ignite much-needed conversation around the importance of, what MSF calls, vegucation.

Throughout the campaign, we saw a total of 1.3 million impressions and 3.46 million engagements across Facebook and Twitter through both our branded vizeos as well as our GIFs. Such a substantial social performance really reflects how we were able to both raise awareness and inspire action, and that our audience was truly engaged in the topics we explored as part of our partnership.


Video for Inspiring Any #WaytoVeg

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Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, & GOOD Brand Studio, MorningStar Farms


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