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From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Let's All #HostWithPride

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Fuel the cultural conversation around LGBT advocacy and drive consideration through Airbnb's credibility as a champion of human diversity.

For members of the LGBT community, reminders of living in a heteronormative society are almost constant. Society's perception of "normal" threatens personal identity, challenges relationships, and is often the source of self doubt. Whether at home or traveling, there are still many people who struggle to feel the sense of belonging Airbnb hopes to inspire. It can be isolating. And worse, dangerous. There are still 75 countries in the world where homosexuality is considered criminal, in 5 of which it remains punishable by death. To say this behavior is unfair or discriminatory would be massively understated. Contrary to popular belief, coming out is not captured by a single moment in time. It is not the solution or the destination. And it is not just a declaration of sexuality. Coming out represents an ongoing journey towards feeling comfortable with yourself and living openly in the world.

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• 45k social shares

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Host with Pride: Open doors open minds.

Airbnb aspires to offer much more than just a place to spend the night. We want every guest and host to see the world from a new and unique point of view. Much like Pride, Airbnb's ability to inspire greater empathy between individuals relies on the unconditional hospitality of our community. It is through their open doors we will be able to dissolve the social differences and cultural stigmas that push us apart. We believe that every welcome on Airbnb is an invitation to be yourself, appreciate the things that make us different, and feel completely comfortable anywhere you go. Before we can truly belong anywhere, we must first be accepted everywhere. Through our association with Pride festivals, Airbnb can amplify moments of bravery and hope from within the LGBT community to light the way for greater acceptance and understanding in the world.

Leverage the Airbnb community to demonstrate how traveling and hosting with Airbnb helps people feel more welcome in the world. Using Pride as a platform for global conversation we will showcase the natural empathy and inclusivity of our community to host a more meaningful human dialogue about Pride and encourage people everywhere to celebrate diversity.

This campaign will utilize the #HostwithPride construct as a mechanism for emotive storytelling and will feature real members of the Airbnb and LGBT communities. Airbnb will celebrate not just the "community," who is too often unfairly categorized as the same faceless group, but will focus on the individuals who make the community so vibrant.


46M impressions on Pride Content

362k Likes and 65k Shares generating 2.1M Earned Impressions.

Share rate was 1.8x the target share rate for the campaign.


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