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About this entry founder Aaron Harvey suffered in silence with OCD for over 20 years before turning to the internet for help. In his search for answers, he recognized a lack of resources and support options for sufferers in the digital space. He sought to fill this gap using digital design tools to create an approachable online platform that educates OCD sufferers and empowers them to seek treatment.

Why does this entry deserve to win? was created to provide the mental health community with a tool that has never before existed: an approachable and comprehensive online platform that humanizes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and helps set sufferers on the proper path to treatment. It reaches and connects with a younger community of anxiety sufferers to ensure that future generations receive the help they deserve.

Using visual design and storytelling, empowers people with anxiety disorders to manage their symptoms through a balance of education, healthy living, and therapy. It promotes a holistic approach to anxiety management that combines mindfulness practices with exercise, a healthy diet, and treatment.

To educate sufferers we created and produced an ongoing web series that brings professional perspectives to the OCD community. Interviews with psychologists, health and wellness experts, therapists, and other mental health advocates offer unique and valuable insights into living with an anxiety disorder. The topics covered include the benefits of art therapy, how to handle OCD in children, the science behind OCD, and more. An Instagram channel that promotes positive daily change was created to remind sufferers that developing healthy habits can have a huge impact on their quality of life. It shares calming visuals, quotes, and advice that inspire people to implement the mindful practices it promotes.

The language and art direction of Intrusive Thoughts is designed to feel conversational and uncomplicated for users that are seeking answers but may be unaware that they have an anxiety disorder. On the landing page, visitors are walked through the thought process a person with anxiety might have, and reminded that they are not alone. As they venture to other parts of the site, they are met with the same tone and style.

Across all channels, uses relatable language and visuals to connect with users. It aims to be approachable and understanding, rather than intimidating and scientific. By humanizing an often scary and isolating experience, it helps put sufferers at ease as they learn to cope.


In only 5 months, we've generated thousands of earned media impressions and been picked up by major news outlets including Refinery29, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Self Magazine, The Daily Beast, and Fox News Health. The site is quickly gaining traffic for symptom related keywords such as "ocd symptoms" and "intrusive thoughts." Its impact on the global community has resulted in us rolling out a Spanish language version, and we've received translation requests from sufferers all around the world.

Most notably, we've received an outpouring of support from both mental health influencers and sufferers. On social media we've heard from expert psychologists, mental health writers, and research facilities. We've been emailed about potential collaborations from a range of professionals in the mental health community. From sufferers we've received touching stories about personal struggles with OCD and how has helped them get the help they need. The site has been referred to by numerous sources as the next big thing in OCD support and information. Its current success represents the future of the mental health movement, and how digital design and storytelling can be used to inspire real global change.


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