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Generation Now - Unilever

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We were tasked with marrying what at face value might seem like very disparate topics -- gender parity, childhood hunger, and climate change -- into one cohesive platform. What do all three topics have in common? They fuel a conversation centered around the initiative to build a better future, starting today.

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Wise words, undeniably, but so often it seems we ignore this piece of wisdom when facing our planet's biggest problems; we treat them like they can wait. But what if we're tired of waiting? In partnership with Unilever, The Huffington Post presents Generation Now, a destination dedicated to fostering conversations about the work currently being done to create a brighter future for ourselves and our children. By shining a light on some of our generation's most pressing challenges -- gender parity, climate change, sustainability and childhood hunger -- we'll work toward a future we can all be proud of, starting today.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

As our key differentiator on the topics in this program, we chose to lean into the Huffington Post's unique "What's Working" angle. Instead of solely focusing on the doom and gloom that surrounds topics like climate change, gender parity and hunger, we wanted to be sure that we're also highlighting all the good people and organizations are doing in the world to fight against these issues -- all with a forward-looking mentality. We wanted to present this campaign in a way that generates hope and assurance that by tackling these issues now, we will build a better (brighter) future for ourselves and future generations: hence the name, Generation Now.

This platform encompasses both native content and editorial content from the Huffington Post. Throughout the life of the program, we have curated editorial content that relates to all a variety of content pillars (gender parity, women's empowerment, self esteem, masculinity, hunger, climate change, sustainability, etc). But during certain key periods for the brand (Earth Day for example), we focus on certain topics, thus curate in content to align more specifically with one content pillar. (For example, when the program launched in April, we were curating in all topics, but were curating in more heavily conversations around climate change -- and our custom native for that month aligned with climate change/sustainability). So, it's an "always on" conversation around these topics, but with pulses throughout the year to align with priority topics for the brand.


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Unilever and AOL


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