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Brand Networks and Hologic Raise Awareness About Lifesaving Mammography Technology

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Hologic, a diagnostic and medical imaging systems manufacturer, teamed up with Brand Networks, a company that provides social media advertising software and services to help hundreds of enterprise customers simplify social. The goal: turn Facebook users into healthcare advocates, raise awareness of Hologic's Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ technology, and help women in communities throughout the US gain access to better healthcare solutions.

Hologic's Genius™ 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ is the first breast tomosynthesis exam for women approved by the FDA as clinically superior to traditional mammography, detecting 41 percent more invasive breast cancers as much as 15 months earlier than 2D mammograms. Hologic leveraged the reach and sophisticated targeting capabilities of Facebook to reach a massive, motivated group of supporters who could simultaneously learn more about the Genius™ exam, and spread the word to family and friends.

The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness about Hologic's life-saving technology by encouraging supporters to take a poll and answer the question, "Would you drive an extra mile for a more accurate mammogram?" Once answered, Hologic provided respondents with tools to easily find local facilities offering the Genius™ exam. Additionally, results of the campaign would be used by Hologic's sales team to show health clinics the value of this detection technology for real users, and in turn make more effective mammograms more accessible to all.

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The campaign began with a testing phase. Hologic worked with Brand Networks to A/B test two different sets of ads and landing pages, ultimately determining that the specific language asking "Would you drive an extra mile" would solicit more user engagement and participation in the campaign, thus helping Hologic gain mainstream awareness about this new technology.

Hologic then used the Brand Networks Platform to distribute call-to-action ads. These drove Facebook users to a microsite built by Brand Networks that educated users on the technology and provided easy access to answer the poll. In addition to targeted ads, Hologic also partnered with celebrity spokespeople to increase reach and make the campaign content more personal and relatable. Sheryl Crow (a 10-year breast cancer survivor), Jillian Michaels, Alyssa Milano, Kate Bosworth, and Catt Sadler all contributed to the campaign by posting personal stories and links to the poll on Facebook.

To increase engagement and awareness, Brand Networks implemented a retargeting strategy based on a user's initial response to the campaign. If a user went to the microsite but did not vote in the poll, an additional Facebook post was distributed to their News Feed inviting them back to page and encouraging them to have their voice be heard through the poll. This retargeting effort ensured that more women were made aware of Hologic's mammography solution, and were provided with information about where to receive the Genius™ exam.


As a result of this campaign, YTD, 36% of users driven to the poll through Facebook ads participated in the poll, with over 96% answering "Yes."

Hologic is now able to use these results in sales efforts to communicate with health clinics about how many women are eager for better options for more effective, early detection solutions.


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Brand Networks, Hologic


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