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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Yellowjackets - What Jackie Saw

Finalist in Vertical Video


SHOWTIME’s® hit series YELLOWJACKETS follows a wildly talented high school girls soccer team that splinters off into savage clans after their plane crashes in the remote Northern wilderness. Season 1 drove speculation around the mysterious character known as “The Antler Queen” from the very first beat of the campaign — by hiding her in the key art.

In the lead-up to Season Two’s Key Art reveal, Legion needed to “socialize” static key art and connect this new season with the smash-hit first one to reengage viewers by taking them into our new, wintery world and driving buzz with the new look of The Antler Queen.

Strategy and Execution

The crash survivors of SHOWTIME®’s Yellowjackets don’t know much about the mysterious Wilderness beyond their cabin… but they do know it’s full of secrets.

We dove directly into those secrets by visually bridging the two seasons. With Season 1’s Key Art subtly featured the mysterious Antler Queen in the eye of one of our lead characters, Jackie, Legion built a 3D-rendered tunnel highlighting elements and Easter eggs from the series, until finally revealing what Jackie saw — Season 2’s key art, teasing the mysteries to come to light and revealing The Antler’s Queen’s look.

Our greatest challenge was balancing the series’ restraint and pacing while still feeding fans enough to drive speculation. There’s no shortage of Easter eggs we could hide in our tunnel, but keeping to a minimalist approach gave the audience a rich canvas to fill with their own theories. In order to maintain the mystery surrounding the Antler Queen while still leveraging fans’ obsession, we utilized post copy sourced from the recently-released Season 2 trailer to encourage further speculation in fan comments.


Yellowjackets fans love to follow a trail of clues, and the identity of the Antler Queen has been among the series’ most obsessed-over mysteries. We leaned into that mystery with this asset, connecting the Antler Queen’s first appearance (in Season One’s key art) with her new look in Season Two. Starting our campaign with this Easter Egg set the expectations with fans that we’d be hiding clues in our content, generating more conversation and engagement all season long.

By making static key art more story-driven and socially native for fans, we connected both seasons after a long hiatus, reengaging the audience and garnering almost 3M total organic impressions and 60K total organic engagements.


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Legion Creative, Showtime


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