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Winning Time Social Campaign

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Moving things to the fast paced 80s, Winning Time Season 2 came into the court ready to play, as the rivalry between Bird & Magic, The Lakers & The Celtics, came into full effect. Following the on the court and off the court drama, Season 2 upped the ante as we followed our characters through the tough times & the tougher times, all in search of that coveted Championship Trophy. The main objective of the Season 2 campaign was to create an integrated, strategically pulsed social campaign that created excitement, expanded the reach of the series, and leveraged an all-star cast, all while leaning into dynamic creative and 80s nostalgia.


Leaning into the mixed media approach seen in the series itself, we took fans from the late 70s and into the colorful 80s with slick graphics and visual effects, ripped straight from the VHS era. This look was essential to showing the audience the scope of the second season, as we kicked things into high gear, traveling through the 80s like a well timed jump shot.

With the new 80s setting also came a different vibe for the second season, beautifully captured in our “Magic Shorts” piece, as we leaned into the fun and playfulness of the era, crafting a sort of love letter to the decade and its style.

As the second season went to bigger places, so did our campaign, as we amplified the interpersonal drama between the teammates, their rivalries, and their relationships with their partners back home. Our creative mirrored not only the style of the era, but the hectic and fast paced nature of our characters lives, as the team and its owners all strived for that championship gold.

“Go Luck Yourself” was a driving phrase for the campaign, as we positioned Magic Johnson & Larry Bird at the forefront of the drama, making their rivalry a main attraction for the campaign. As we showed off scenes of The Lakers in Boston, we saw the Boston crowd's reaction to their arrival, further cementing the rivalry between these two cities.


Leading up to its finale, Winning Time recorded lifts across all key metrics, most notably an increase in social conversation volume of +97%, as well as +31% in average engagement per post and +67% in average video views. Additionally, the show handle earned 935 new fans, up by +65% WoW.

In the end, the global integrated entertainment campaign had everyone in the stands cheering, showing that with a strong focus on strategy and a clear view of marketing and themes, nothing could stop us from ushering in the Showtime Era.


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Stampede Studios, HBO Max Originals Marketing


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