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Winning Time Season 2

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For the integrated global campaign of Winning Time Season 2, our objective was to craft a comprehensive 360 campaign that created excitement and expanded our reach above Season 1, while leveraging the influence of our A-List cast, with dynamic creative and 80s nostalgia. These initiatives aimed to build momentum and generate excitement leading up to the premiere and establish our series as a prime-time, must-see television event.

We kicked off with a teaser phase utilizing creative that focused on the intense and historic rivalry between Bird, Magic, the Celtics, and the Lakers. We then moved to into the main phase of the campaign with a trailer, key art, and character art that immersed viewers in the bold, bright, and sometimes overly excessive 80s era aesthetic of the "Showtime" era.

To eventize the release and upcoming showdown, we aimed to deepen fan engagement through spotlights on personal character evolutions and unique narrative stakes for this season through an array of custom social pieces and extra content, showcasing the action-packed moments with the team, the show’s off-beat comedy, and some dramatic personal struggles to come. Our custom show landing page, exclusive screenings, influencer kits, and organic social were carefully crafted to engage audiences across various touchpoints.


Bringing Winning Time Season 2 to life involved a meticulously crafted plan of action, executing key phases that set our campaign apart from our competitors.

The campaign tipped off with an exciting season 2 teaser trailer that leaned into the 1980s aesthetic, showcasing the competitive nature of the Lakers and Celtics. The color saturation and VHS glitches subtly signaled the shift into a more dynamic decade. Washed in green, gold, and purple lights, with arms around the championship trophy, the teaser art authentically captured the intense rivalry of Magic and Bird that would be at the heart of this new season.

To amplify the historic Lakers-Celtics face-off, custom outdoor displays were strategically placed around Boston's TD Garden Station and Fenway Park, reviving the competitive spirit of the city. We extended this conversation onto social media with audacious slogans, plastering our cover photos, profile pictures, and feeds with messages like "Hey Boston, Go Luck Yourself" and "Beat Boston," flaming sports fans engagement.

Our hero artwork embraced the glitz and glam of the "Showtime" Lakers era. Bright pops of color and flares of light defined the aesthetic evolution, reflecting the Lakers' pursuit of building a dynasty and facing higher stakes on and off the court. The character art, strategically placed in wild postings near major sports venues in LA, reintroduced the cast with an authentic 80s aesthetic reminiscent of vintage sports magazine ads.

We took the lead in a first-to-market custom MAX landing page for the premiere, creating a one-stop shop for fans with exclusive art and bonus content. Overcoming challenges posed by talent participation limitations due to the actor's strike, we organized a special screening for true fans, generating extensive social coverage and building anticipation organically and through paid media.

Influencers and tastemakers became key allies in our campaign. Seeding kits featuring exclusive Winning Time branded merch were distributed, allowing influencers to showcase their fandom and further amplify the series.

As the season aired, we created thumb-stopping organic social creative that drove the in-season viewership, eventizing each episode and highlighting the Lakers vs. Celtics showdown as the season charged through multiple years, paving the way for the Lakers Dynasty.

This multi-faceted approach, from outdoor stunts to social media engagement, exclusive screenings, and custom bonus content, demonstrated our commitment to a unique and immersive campaign, successfully navigating challenges and setting Winning Time Season 2 apart as a stand-out integrated campaign.


Our team's objectives were not only met but exceeded, marking the campaign for Winning Time Season 2 as a resounding success. The campaign teaser surpassed expectations, generating immense enthusiasm among fans. Across series, brand, and talent social profiles, as well as earned media, the social conversation outpaced comparisons by an impressive 184%. In the first 48 hours alone, the teaser garnered over 913k views and 50.7k engagements, showcasing the audience's eagerness for the new season.

The teaser art further contributed to the campaign's triumph, accumulating 552.k impressions and 20.9k engagements within the initial 48 hours across series, brand, talent, and earned media. As the official trailer was launched across various brand and show profiles, including @streamonmax, @hbo, @winningtime, and @sceneinblack, it garnered an astounding 7.7 million views.

Beyond the impressive viewership and engagement metrics, the culmination of our hard work was evident in the acclaim from press and media coverage. Winning Time Season 2 was once again praised as a prime-time, must-see television event. The positive reception from both audiences and media solidifies our efforts as a triumph, successfully achieving our objectives of creating excitement, expanding reach, and establishing the series as a standout in the entertainment landscape.


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