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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Wellness Travelled at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Entered in Instagram Partnership


As part of our influencer marketing program at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort we identify key influencers who will have an impact on the target audience of the resort. In this instance, we worked with Christine and Sarah, the duo behind @WellnessTravelled, organizing a trip to create content for the resort’s channel to highlight the incredible experience that one can expect at this resort. We created an overview brief of the resort and its amenities but we gave creative license to the ladies to interpret the resort’s beauty into their own creative output. 

Our goal for this partnership was threefold. First, we wanted to reach the audience of the @WellnessTravelled social media accounts, having previously confirmed that they fell directly within the resort’s key target markets. Secondly, we wanted to have a new perspective on creating content at the resort. We’ve directed many shoots here, and we wanted to see what a new pair of eyes would discern and create from a space we’ve seen many times. Finally, we wanted to be able to re-use the content created on the resort’s own social media channels to continue to inspire their existing guests and followers.

Strategy and Execution

Our influencer management team worked directly with Christine and Sarah to understand what they needed in order to create content that would resonate with their followers. Instead of dictating what we wanted to see, we trusted their insticts on content creation and gave them creative license. To support them we put together a deck with a brief on the resort and its offerings, highlighting areas that we felt might be of interest, without overtly specificying any rigid requirements. 

Based on their feedback we included complimentary on-site experiences such as a one-on-one yoga experience and an afternoon at the Rainforest Spa to better immerse themselves in the resort's offerings. From the initial strategy to the final content, this partnership highlighted not just the physical features of the resort but also the emotional and mental wellness aspects of the Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort experience. 

Our team created a contract with required deliverables and agreements on both party's ends and we tracked all content after it went live to determine the full impact of the partnership. 


Christine and Sarah created 38 total pieces of content including 1 grid post, 35 Instagram Stories, 2 Instagram Reels, and a folder of 23 high resolution images that the resort can use for future digital marketing purposes. Their content performed incredibly well, with total social media interactions reaching 2,399,748 and a total social influence of 9,196,000, with both of these numbers growing more daily.

One reel in particular went viral in May 2023, with over 2 million views on the original post. During this time we saw a spike of 12,245 new followers on the resort’s Instagram account with 32+ luxury travel brands and consumers reposting the reel for added exposure. The reel continues to be reposted. 

Total Likes: 192,123+

Total Video Views: 3,718,066+

Total Reposts: 32+

Total Estimated Impressions: 12,055,549+

This was an organic campaign, so the ROI functioned mainly as a huge awareness builder, with over 12M viral impressions generated. We reposted the content on Sugar Beach's channels, generating 198,043 organic impressions, 190,611 organic videos views, and 11,460 likes.

Overall, we reached all 3 of our goals and had the added benefit of the viral reel which continues to send followers and views our way. With no investment spent by the resort aside from airfare and room and dining costs, these results were a huge success and continue to add value today. 


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Persephone Social, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort


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