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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

We Help This Paralysed Dog Run Again!

Finalist in Vertical Video


Beast Philanthropy exists to leverage the power of social media to raise funds and help charitable causes around the world. Founded by MrBeast, with a combined channel following of 400 million+ followers.
We team up with charitable initaitives around the world and look to amplify their mission through advocacy. We create viral videos to champion their inspiring efforts, and often catalyse additional funding through our own investment, or donations recieved, as well as revenue generated from the content. We are raising awareness that extends their impact well beyond our contributions.

Strategy and Execution

This vertical is a side story to one of our main channel videos ' We Helped Paralyzed Dogs Run Again' where we team up with Michael J Baines - The Man That Rescues Dogs!

Every day he finds stray dogs on the streets of Thailand and gives them a home. Many of the dogs are found in very poor conditions and Michael feeds and homes them, and gets the correct veterinary help needed for survival. Michael is a true inspiration to us and someone we were so happy to help out. 

For this vertical video, and our verticals in general, we choose to focus on simple scripts. Clear and concise where the visuals reflect the text and try to hold as much watch time as possible. Our formula, which you can derive from this short is - 

1. Headline Hook - "Imagine a dog that can’t run and play fetch. Sad right?"
2. Most Shareable info - " Meet Goya, she’s the sweetest puppy that lives in Thailand. She was living as a street dog until one day when she was hit by a car."
3. Context | Body | Situation - "Her spine was broken and she lost all her mobility in her back legs. Deeming it was impossible for her to ever walk again."
4. Bonus Value - "When we found out about this, we supported Michael and his shelter to provide her with a brand new wheel chair so she can run with her new family."
5. Climax - [Goya runs in her new wheel chair]
5. Leave Behind - "Not going to lie. That gave me goosebumps! Wow!"

When publishing our shorts we use a thumbnail from the video that we believe will be most intriguing to the someone scrolling. Both in image and text on the screen. In this case, we settled with "That gave me goosebumps" to spark interest as well as MrBeast being a very popular and recognizable presence on Youtube. 


This vertical has garnered 32 Million Views, 1,5 Million Likes, and 26k comments and is one of our highest-performing YouTube shorts. It significantly raised the viewership on 'We Helped Paralyzed Dogs Run Again' thanks to the click-through link and helped raise awareness, funding, and support for 

Another positive of this short is that MrBeast is dressed in Beast Philanthropy merchandise, and our 'Hope Is Dope' tee had a huge surge in sales becoming one of our most popular items on the, where all the revenue generated from the sales of this goes to further helping our causes. 


Video for We Help This Paralysed Dog Run Again!

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Beast Philanthropy


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