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Wahl Pro Series High Visibility Product Launch

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Hoffman York (HY) was tasked with developing an integrated campaign aimed at enhancing awareness and cultivating interest in Wahl's new, premium Pro Series High Visibility beard trimmer among men who take their style seriously and are willing to spend on grooming products. The added challenge? Launching the product globally with a unified position that resonates across diverse nations, required a cohesive launch strategy, creative platform, and shareable assets. Through a strategic combination of creativity and market understanding, HY’s goal was to captivate this demographic and position Wahl's Pro Series High Visibility beard trimmer as the ultimate choice for those committed to elevating their grooming experience.



With the premium durability and higher price point of Wahl’s new trimmer, HY knew it wasn’t for everyone. It’s for men whose beard defines them and men who define their beard with skill and precision — it’s for the Serious Beardsman. HY used a target market segmentation study to determine the Serious Beardsman audience, and identified two target personas from the study:

HY then used MRI Simmons to determine the media consumption habits of Stylish Axel and Groomed Max and incorporated media tactics that would reach them with an objective of generating a high volume of impressions and engagements around the launch of this new product.

HY put the Serious Beardsman at the forefront of the creative positioning. The Serious Beardsman wears his pride on his face. His beard is a permanent accessory. His signature look takes control and precision. The Serious Beardsman uses the Wahl Pro Series High Visibility beard trimmer because high-definition grooming sets a new standard in beardsmanship. To reach the target audience and garner maximum coverage, HY developed an integrated plan that included custom content, branded social media, paid search, influencers, publisher partnerships and a celebrity amplification.


HY executed a high-awareness, integrated plan to generate interest and increase awareness of the Wahl Pro Series High Visibility beard trimmer with our identified audiences through the following tactics:


HY's launch of the integrated campaign not only made waves but created a seismic impact, garnering a staggering 859 million impressions and sparking 9.8 million engagements across diverse consumer touchpoints. Going viral was not just a goal; it became a reality. With authentic endorsements and value-packed testimonials seamlessly integrated into both his posts and branded assets, Jeffrey Dean Morgan emerged as a genuine advocate for the Wahl Pro Series High Visibility beard trimmer, showcasing not only his admiration but also his ability to captivate and engage audiences. Jeffrey's unprompted comments further underscored his authenticity, leading to overwhelmingly positive sentiment around the products. The enthusiasm spread like wildfire, drawing attention from other notable celebrities, including Jensen Ackles (11.4 million followers) and Jack Quaid (1.5 million followers), who both jumped on the Wahl Pro Series High Visibility beard trimmer bandwagon. Their involvement not only added impressions but also fueled increased engagements, contributing to the campaign's resounding success.


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