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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Victor Wembanyama POV

Finalist in Vertical Video


Ever wonder what it’s like to be 7-foot-4? Well now you know as @NBA provided fans with that view in a unique way to promote one of the top Draft prospects in the NBA.

The NBA Social Team showcased the best of its behind-the-scenes all-access content in a big way when No. 1 overall pick and French phenom Victor Wembanyama “Wemby” gave fans a glimpse of the game from his 7-foot-4 point of view of the court in a unique video. 

The video was designed to showcase Wembanyama’s personality and skill-set ahead of the NBA Draft 2023.  The NBA worked collaboratively with the Spurs center to develop the idea and create an organic piece of content that resonated with him.

There was an incredible level of excitement surrounding Wembanyama and the NBA recognized many fans were anticipating his debut. He also possessed special physical attributes unlike what many fans have seen before on the basketball court. For these reasons, the NBA Social Team decided fans would be interested in seeing the game – and court – through the lens of Wembanyama himself.

Strategy and Execution

Knowing Wembanyama would have to record the video himself, we developed a detailed and comprehensive rundown of shots that he could reasonably execute – but were also compelling from a social media perspective – as a guide. This included everything from him dribbling and blocking a shot to attempting a free throw, layup, over-the-head shot with his back to the rim and dunking in transition.  To add a different dimension to the post, the NBA also recorded the top prospect as he filmed himself from his POV, which allowed fans to see exactly how the content came to be.

NBA Social edited the video and – with input from Wembanyama – highlighted the most engaging material that fans needed to see.


The NBA Social Team had Wemby post on his account first. Within 12 hours, it became the most watched and liked video across any of his platforms. Moreover, he garnered 10 million views and 1.5 million likes in less than a day.

On @NBA channels, the video generated an additional 25M views in one day. Over a three-day span, the videos resulted in more than 40M views. 

There was so much buzz around the video that outputs reshared and reposted for their audiences. The video was reposted across over 20 UGC accounts and their platforms that day, and provided hundreds of millions of views. 

Nearly a year later - Victor has since gone on to be the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft and a rising star in this league - the numbers have shown continued growth:







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