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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Twiggy Full Circle

Bronze Honor in Multi-Platform Partnership


eBay is home to millions of pre-owned and vintage fashions but lacked fashion credentials. eBay was not perceived as a credible shopping destination for high-end fashion or authentic goods. 

Additionally, with fast fashion contributing to 92 million tons of textile waste each year, circular fashion is more important than ever. The new generations are embracing vintage fashion and feel strongly about creating a more sustainable world. Gen Z is especially attuned to this problem: 64% of Gen Z surveyed look to shop secondhand before buying it new. 

So, the challenge was—could eBay promote sustainability by establishing its own fashion credentials?


Strategy and Execution

We partnered with the ultimate authority on style—Vogue and circled back over 100 years of their archives and discovered that almost everything in the pages of Vogue could be sourced on eBay, today.

For Fashion Week, we invited Twiggy, icon from the 60s back to Vogue to recreate her famous shot from 1967 with the same vintage accessories found on eBay.

Twiggy's recreation appeared in both Vogue and British Vogue magazine October issues, and in digital and social media. On the left was the original image of Twiggy from 1967 and on the right was the recreation from 2023. We interviewed Twiggy in a special 4 minute "Behind the Moment" video which ran on YouTube, Vogue's digital and social platforms.

Twiggy also walked the red carpet (streamed live) to launch Fashion Week 2023 at Vogue World London in her recreated eBay look. 

To bring it full circle the accessories from the campaign were auctioned off on eBay in support of sustainability, raising thousands of dollars for Canopy Planet Foundation, the non-profit transforming unsustainable linear supply chains to protect the world's forests, species, and climate.


eBay made all the global fashion and entertainment headlines, appearing organically in The NY Times, The Independent, Daily Mail, CNN and The Telegraph. The campaign inserted eBay and sustainability into the fashion conversation at a key tentpole moment, raising thousands for charity and helped transform perceptions of eBay as a general e-commerce market place into an authentic go-to fashion destination. 

The campaign garnered: 

$2.5 million earned media

+30% increase in positive sentiment

+41% intent to shop eBay pre-owned

+10.2% lift in brand trustworthiness

+28.9% increase in brand awareness

187 million impressions

34 million video views


Video for Twiggy Full Circle

Entrant Company / Organization Name

EssenceMediacom, eBay


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