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Special Project

Special Project
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Tune In To Lung Health

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Imagine doctors explaining that you’ve lost half of your lung function after over a year of unexplained symptoms. Unfortunately, this can become reality for roughly 50,000 Americans diagnosed annually with interstitial lung disease (ILD), a rare group of conditions that scar the lungs and can make it difficult to breathe. It often takes years to receive an ILD diagnosis, as symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue, or a persistent dry cough are often confused for more common conditions, making disease awareness and early diagnosis key for disease management – and something Yankees legend and Latin Grammy nominee Bernie Williams knows all too well after losing his father to ILD in 2001.  

Motivated by his personal experience as an ILD caregiver, Bernie combined his two passions in life – music and family – and teamed up with Boehringer Ingelheim to launch Tune In To Lung Health, a program that explores how music and breathing can help people cope with the physical and emotional disease burden. Bernie’s celebrity platform as an athlete and musician – coupled with the real stories of ILD patients and caregivers – provided the perfect stage to put ILD in the national spotlight, and Boehringer Ingelheim recognized an opportunity to increase disease awareness, stress the urgency of early diagnosis, and provide much-needed resources to patients and caregivers navigating a difficult ILD diagnosis.  

Strategy and Execution

In addition to Bernie’s celebrity platform and personal connection to ILD, Tune In To Lung Health enlisted the voices of people impacted by ILD to inspire and advocate for others to ‘tune in’ to their own lung health. Bernie’s story paired with real narratives created the driving force behind the campaign, with the hope that by sharing their experiences, others wouldn’t have to face the same challenges as the Williams family or patients like Dale, who lost more than 52% of her lung function by the time she was diagnosed. “If I’d been diagnosed earlier, I might be in better shape today,” she said.   

With the help of Bernie, patients, and caregivers, Tune In To Lung Health brought ILD awareness to audiences nationwide through a series of targeted in-person and virtual events. Reaching crowds of thousands who were previously unfamiliar with ILD, Bernie leveraged his status as a baseball icon to heighten awareness of the condition at MLB stadiums across the country.    

 At select MLB games in 2023, Bernie performed the national anthem and the Tune In To Lung Health PSA aired on the jumbotron. In Washington, D.C., Bernie was joined by Dale, who threw the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game. In Miami, he joined Maryluz, who earned a standing ovation making the ‘play ball’ announcement with her ‘new lungs’ from a double lung transplant – with one Marlins fan pulling her aside to tell her it was the best version of ‘play ball’ he’d ever heard. In New York, Bernie joined Cheryl (a patient) and Vera (her sister and caregiver) at Yankee Stadium, where they were honored during a special on-field ceremony, an unforgettable moment for them to experience together.    

Tune In To Lung Health further cemented its impact within the ILD community through partnerships with patient advocacy organizations, including the Pulmonary Fibrosis Warriors, National Scleroderma Foundation, Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, and the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. Once again, Bernie partnered with patients – as well as music therapy and breathing experts – to host a series of virtual webinars and an in-person panel and musical performance.    

These discussions – which included expert-led breathing exercises, firsthand accounts of the power of music, and ILD resources – received an incredibly strong response, with a turnout of nearly 300 combined total guests. Most meaningful were the overwhelming messages resonating with support, gratitude, and empathy. One attendee wrote: “Thank you for sharing your story with us about your dad, Bernie. It makes a huge difference when someone like you helps to educate others.​”   

Inspired by the response and impact from local events and activations paired with patient voices – and a relentless commitment from Bernie to elevate ILD awareness to a national level – Boehringer Ingelheim looks forward to continuing to help at-risk audiences ‘tune in’ to their lung health and provide unwavering support for those affected by devastating diseases like ILD.    



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