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Yokohama Tire :: The Mountain Decides

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Each year, Yokohama undertakes Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, notorious for being one of the most grueling motorsport races in the world. Nicknamed the "Race to the Clouds”, drivers compete against the clock, ascending the 12.42-mile course of 156 turns that summits at 14,115 feet above sea level. With speeds upwards of 140 mph, the balance between man and machine can mean winning or losing and life or death.

It's a high-stakes game, and the tires you have hitting the pavement can make the difference, so teams trust Yokohama Tire to help them cross the finish line as quickly and safely as possible.

We set out to make drivers of all kinds aware of the remarkable race and show why Yokohama is the go-to tire in high-octane states on the edge of the world.

Because if our tires can do the job there, we can do it anywhere.


Yokohama's participation in Pikes Peak allows the brand to connect with die-hard racing fanatics, car enthusiasts, and even everyday motorists who appreciate the stories of the brave racecar drivers who defy death at every turn. A moment to prove our brand philosophy: we push adventures beyond the norm to the point of extraordinary.

But these tales of courage are extremely difficult to capture. Once on-hill at the oxygen-deprived altitude of 14,115', our production team traverses 4,500 vertical feet while packing 50+ lbs. of gear in unpredictable weather, creating a truly colossal challenge for the crew. Add to that the total project budget of $18,000, and it goes to prove that we really do revel in shaking up what's possible.

Our strategy was four-fold:

  1. Live it.
  2. Use long- and short-form videos + photography to offer an exclusive look at the race.
  3. Focus content on the drivers, the track, the cars, and the dangerous pursuit to the top.
  4. Leverage social media channels and first- and third-party data to captivate select audiences.

Content pieces were storyboarded, heavily vetted, and planned out to understand specific needs, whether from our sponsored athletes, unique track access, platform capabilities, or equipment. 

More than ever, we had to be quick on our feet and efficient with daily productions, capturing content set to go live within 12 hours or less. Three Splinter teams worked together on the mountain, speeding to different locations to capture photography and video, often editing footage and recording voiceovers from the back of rental vans.

On the homefront, our community managers monitored channels while our media team deployed videos with targeted media on Facebook and Instagram, sometimes coinciding with onsite activities to ensure relevancy. Content and media optimizations were happening throughout the campaign, with real-time feedback being relayed to onsite teams to ensure every edit improved throughout the week. 

Success came from testing, learning, and improving throughout the event coverage. Client and agency team members collaborated to pull this off, creating 13 videos and making 2023 the best year yet for Yokohama at Pikes Peak.



The dedication we poured into this endeavor didn't go unnoticed, as audiences were left floored.

With the ultimate goal of creating impact via video, we achieved a cost-per-completed view of $.03 – effectively increasing both reach and frequency against our target. 

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