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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Luxury Collection – Tastemaker, Jamie Beck

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Stories with The Luxury Collection are best told from our travelers themselves. However, the oversaturation of influencer marketing on social media has posed a challenge in how we tell these stories and who we choose to tell them. Rather than work with a wide array of travel influencers, we decided to find select voices who would share our hotels with authenticity. 

Enter, Jamie Beck. An artist, photographer, and New York Times Bestselling Author, Jamie has the skilled ability to transport viewers through her art. Paired with a warm and authentic way of expressing herself, she is the perfect partner to tell the stories available with The Luxury Collection.

Our objectives for this partnership were to:

Strategy and Execution

Continuing our relationship with Jamie over the past few years, we partnered with her in 2023 to visit multiple hotels and destinations over the course of the year. From the historic halls of Hotel Imperial, Vienna and Augustine, Prague, to the coasts of Cabo and Waikiki at Solaz, Los Cabos and The Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki (and more), Jamie shared her travel experiences with her followers.

Jamie also captured content for use on The Luxury Collection owned channels. Her natural, romantic, and expressive style proved to be a perfect fit within The Luxury Collection's own content style and a beautiful extension to the stories we tell on owned channels.

We shared Jamie's perspective on travel by means of an interview conducted by editor Nick Remsen (Vogue, CN Traveler, Esquire, ELLE), including photos from her travels with The Luxury Collection, to be featured on This served as the main drive-to destination for our paid social distribution campaign.


As we extend our longstanding partnership with Jamie, we continue to see a strong response from our audience. Her authentic storytelling moves viewers to action, and as a result, Jamie continues to be our #1 most-engaged partner quarter over quarter with 361.3M OTS in 2023. The comments on her posts are overwhelmingly positive, with a strong emphasis on the beauty of The Luxury Collection hotels along with viewers' aspirations to visit soon.

From an owned perspective, her content continues to perform well on our channels, garnering 12.2M impressions, 410.5K engagements, and an impressive 3.4% engagement rate — 7.5x higher than the industry benchmark.

Her Augustine Library Reel is our most watched content, our most engaged Reel, and our most shared Instagram post this year — proof that the way she tells The Luxury Collection stories is resonating with our audience.


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The Luxury Collection


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