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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Family Stallone TikTok

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Sylvester Stallone is ready to showcase his greatest role of his lifetime — dad. In this new series following the lives of his three daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet—Sly and The Family are offering us a seat at their table. 

Our objective was to launch brand new handles for our net-new series, The Family Stallone. We not only sought to raise awareness surrounding the show but also to create viral social content and generate a following. 

Strategy and Execution

Our social strategy was to serve as an extension and a peek into the lives of this famous family, getting to know Sly, his wife Jennifer, and his daughters Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet on a more intimate level. 
We leaned into themes of humor and heart with a social-first mindset. knowing clips perform well on social, we parsed show moments that illustrate the unique and heartwarming bond that this family has.
We leveraged our talents combined massive social footprint of 46.3m followers cross-platform — creating organic assets that appealed to their audiences.
We also sought opportunities to collaborate with other MTVE properties (Tulsa King, Sly’s fanbase) — which ties into a storyline on the show.
In addition to tried and true social content, we capture original digital pieces that felt unique to social including watch & reacts, cast interviews, and short-form snackable content. 


· The Quickest P+ franchise to amass 1 Million ​Cross-Platform followers​ (Source: Domo). The franchise currently has a social footprint of 3M followers.
·  Since the end of S1 the franchise earned 1.1M followers, 7.6M engagements and 150M views across 86 posts! (Source: ListenFirst, 7/1/23-10/31/23)
·  Most new TikTok followers gained across streaming reality shows in the TV Universe (Source: ListenFirst TV Universe New TikTok Followers 1/1/23 - 10/31/23)
·  In September, three months after its finale, The Family Stallone ranked #1 in new followers across all streaming reality programs in the LF TV Universe with 273K new followers. (Source: LF TV Ranker, Streaming, Reality)
·  Year to date, The Family Stallone ranks as the 2nd most social reality series on P+, just behind RPDG: All Stars (Source: SCR, Jan 1- Nov 29, 2023)
·  The most watched post was a TikTok with 23.4M views and 1.3M engagements, ranking as the 7th most watched franchise post this year across MTVE franchises, just behind WNO posts.


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MTV Entertainment Studios


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