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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The D'Amelio Show S3 TikTok Campaign

Entered in TikTok


With The D’Amelio Show Season 3 highlighting a the family that basically invented TikTok, we were challenged to create a social campaign that went deep into the internet tone and contributed to existing trends in a tasteful and inventive way, just as Charli and Dixie regularly do on their socials.

Strategy and Execution

By highlighting the families talents, vulnerabilities and genuine bonds, we showed the world the D’Amelio influence on culture and touched on their new Hollywood empire that continues to grow. And the best way to show this, was staying true to the TikTok organic content that viewers are drawn to constantly. In-platform tools helped inform our look and feel, like “siri” audio and TikTok-like text. We honed in on internet words and real time trends to attract our fanbase in their algorithm. Our content touched on being in our “d’amelio era”, gave a “day in the life” from the perspective of the D'Amelio's dog, Rebel, played up the meme format available on TikTok, and targeted strategic marketing placements in the Erewhon juice aisles around LA.


Across 21 unique pieces of content for Season 3, The D’Amelio Show’s TikTok content garnered a total of 4.9 million views. Our engagement soared at 240k engagements across videos. The fans resonated with the relatability of the family, and felt particularly drawn to the trendy ways we decided to show content on our page.


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