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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The 7 Wonders Challenge

Winner in Business to Business


People love to travel but they hate the booking experience. It’s so complex. So many options, so many screens, so hard to make changes. 

At Travelport, we’re on a mission to solve this. We launched a new platform, Travelport+, that makes planning, booking, and managing travel EASY for travel agencies and travellers.  

We wanted to prove our ‘easier’ credentials and put our platform to the ultimate test. We sent adventurer, Jamie ‘Adventureman’ McDonald, on the most complex trip we could imagine - visiting the New 7 Wonders of the World in less than 7 days, only using public transport. 

The entire trip itinerary was booked and managed by Travelbag, a travel agency using Travelport+. The trip involved travelling 22,000 miles, taking 13 planes, 16 taxis, 9 buses, 4 trains and 1 toboggan – at a time when travel was recovering from a global pandemic.   

Armed with the latest travel tech tools from Travelport+, could Jamie get to all wonders of the world in the most extreme scenario, setting a new Guinness World Record? 


  1. Showcase Travelport+’s ability to:  

  1. Build and manage the most complex itineraries.  

  1. Reduce manual tasks through increased automation.  

  1. Manage itineraries and extras on-the-go.  

  1. Increase Brand Awareness. 

  1. Shift in perception of Travelport+ and it’s Easy attribute. 

  1. Increase interest & consideration of Travelport+. 

Strategy and Execution

To meet our objectives, we developed a fully integrated marketing and PR campaign.  

We split activation between brand and product focuses.  

The “brand” activation was focused on the hero story and the challenge to set a new world record. It consisted of small snippets across channels with the CTA to drive people to the main hero video on YouTube (1.5M views to date) or the 7 Wonders hub.  

The “product” activation was focused on the ‘behind the scenes’ narrative and the Travelport+ product features used at what points in the challenge. All CTAs linked back to the Travelport+ webpage. This webpage detailed how the product was put to the test. 
















All emissions generated by Adventureman were removed from the air using CO2 removal services from Climeworks. 


Solve for complex retailing and merchandising selections: 

1st position in competitive set - “A leader in agency retailing and merchandising“ -  and uplift versus top two competitors in Customer Pulse Research (CPR) Q3 2023  


Reduce manual tasks through increased automation: 

Uplift in perception of “Automation and productivity tools that drive efficiencies for agents” feature in CPR Q3 2023 


Manage complete trip and extras on-the-go: 

Increased perception of attribute across “wide depth and breadth of content across air, hotel and car”. Increased usage of this tool in same period. 


Increase Brand Awareness: 


Shift in perception of Travelport+ and it’s Easy attribute: 


Increase interest & consideration: 


Video for The 7 Wonders Challenge

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