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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Rocket Via Signature Card Reveal Teaser

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Our brand promise is to bring certainty to life’s most complex moments.

One of the ways Rocket has the unique opportunity to stand out in a saturated credit card market is by choosing not to play in traditional rewards categories of cash back and travel. But rather, we created a new one of our own – focused on homeownership.

A credit card can be an accelerant, rather than a deterrent, in reaching life's financial moments and goals. How might we help someone use a credit card to better their current and future financial life?

Our objective is to demonstrate reasons to believe in Rocket as a trusted financial partner. Use this creative platform to build interest and consideration for the Rocket Visa Signature Card when it’s likely people would not naturally expect a mortgage company to offer a credit card, because that’s what “banks do.” Furthermore, introduce clients to the possibilities that exist with a Rocket Visa Signature Card, as the “anti-credit card” that gets you closer to your financial goals, rather than further away.

Strategy and Execution


We learned that our target audience had certain pain points when it came to wanting a new credit card but not wanting to affect their financial goals and well-being. Some paint points we identified were:


We took these insights and found a solution – a credit card to address the needs of multiple audiences with a rewards structure designed for home buyers and homeowners to use in coordination with Rocket Mortgage and the Rocket platform.


Our credit card brand promise is broken down into three pillars:


Breakdown Financial Barriers

Give clients the ability to turn their spending into a way to alleviate the high cost and stress they’ll experience along their personal homeowning journey.


Improve Financial Wellness

Help clients avoid the burden or traps of credit cards by guiding them through the steps to achieve and surpass their financial goals.


Redefine The “Value” Of Rewards

Reimagine the benefits of rewards with a credit card that turns earning rewards into something more meaningful for current and aspiring homeowners.


The card is designed for your mobile device. With digital wallet functionality and supported by web and mobile app experiences like Rocket Money, clients will be able to apply, use and service their card whenever and wherever they need.

Our main tactic was an online video that we created called Teaser/Reveal, with a short and direct script and imagery that captivated the beauty of the design of the card highlighting our Rocket O branding. That video was also cut down into different versions for social as well as digital banners. In addition to the visuals, we wanted our messaging to convey four main ideas to our client:


The marketing performance of the Rocket Visa Signature Card launch has exceeded expectations in almost every single channel and stage of funnel. The campaign also returned multiple lifts across brand funnel metrics, including significant lifts in aided awareness and Rocket Visa consideration among those exposed to the campaign. By the end of June, we had about 10,976 cardholders. Cardholders were also spending more than $1,700 a month on the card, which outperformed our goal by $200.


Video for Rocket Via Signature Card Reveal Teaser

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Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Mortgage


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