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Taste your Goals

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Already prior to the Taste Your Goals campaign, Goli Nutrition had been a true disruptor in the gummy supplement space with back to back powerhouse launches of apple cider vinegar and ashwagandha gummy supplements. But now with a full line of dietary supplements, for a wide array of consumer need-states, Goli needed a campaign that would elevate the Goli brand name while also promoting their individual offerings in a cohesive manner. To make the mission even more onerous, the ads had to be even more disruptive than the previous video campaign for Goli, which starred uber-celebrity Jennifer Lopez. To achieve this objective, we partnered with the brand team to focus on what consumers really wanted from their gummies, and what they really wanted from Goli. We set out to create a memorable campaign that allowed the consumer to imagine the goals they set out to achieve for themselves, with Goli being the enabler. The campaign goals were clear & ambitious: 


Bringing our project to life was an exhilarating journey that began with a simple yet powerful element: the slogan. Our mission was clear — to craft a brand tagline that transcended mere product associations, telling an everlasting story that resonated emotionally with consumers. The slogan became our strategic campaign anchor for everything that followed.  

With our anchor in place, we meticulously mapped out a comprehensive strategy, recognizing the need for a modular approach given the high-performance nature of the brand. To ensure success, we prioritized gaining a deep understanding of the distribution channels, both online and offline, before delving into the creative process. This foresight became instrumental in navigating the project's complexities.  

Once we began the creative development, a pivotal component of our campaign was the creation of a custom song. This branded anthem served as the backbone for all video and audio creatives, effectively communicating the brand's benefits while ingraining its name in the minds of listeners. The song's uplifting vibe, carefully designed to appeal to multiple generations, proved to be a success tactic validated by positive social feedback. In tandem with the custom song, our creative direction was thoughtfully curated to amplify the brand's essence. We harnessed the power of Goli’s vibrant color palette, associated with the various products. Lighting and camera movements were also intentionally designed to immerse viewers into the different characters’ worlds, setting the mood in alignment with the time of day.  

Beyond aesthetics, we ensured that our content was not only visually captivating but also versatile. Every piece of creative content was crafted to serve as dynamic b-roll while seamlessly transitioning into talking-to-camera scripts. This modular approach allowed for a range of content that could be deployed across various platforms and channels, maximizing our reach and impact.  

In conclusion, our project's uniqueness lies in the symbiotic relationship between a compelling tagline, a strategic audio approach, and creatively rich elements that gave the brand endless opportunities to iterate and distribute the content on all of their channels. The harmony between these facets not only brought the project to life but also established a deep and lasting connection with their audience.  


The campaign exceeded expectations and set up Goli Nutrition with a winning blueprint for future campaigns: 


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REBL House by NP Digital, Goli Nutrition


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