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Tap Further

Finalist in Stories

Entered in Fitness, Health, & Wellness


Our objective was to deepen social engagement with the new lululemon blissfeel trail running shoe – sustaining interest in beyond the initial launch.
lululemon’s blissfeel trail running shoes were designed to take women further—to feel the bliss
of their run more deeply. It made us wonder how we could make people feel an Instagram Story more deeply. 

Best practices told us that we’d lose viewers after five frames. We weren’t so sure. We believed we could keep viewers engaged if we could make them feel. So, we used 100 frames—the IG Stories max—to tell an emotive, entertaining story of runners striving to go further.  


The Tap Further IG Story invited viewers to experience the inner monologues and motivations of trail runners striving to go further.

Our team received existing assets, both stills and video, from lululemon, taken from a photoshoot for the launch of their blissfeel trial running shoes. Our editorial challenge was building a clear narrative while keeping the visual storytelling fresh across 100 frames with a limited amount of footage.

To write our story, we took inspiration from lululemon's running ambassadors, pouring over interview footage on the highs and lows they experience out on the trail, and leaned into insights from the running community to develop a narrative that put users deep inside a runner’s mindset.

To drive more feeling, we made small details feel big—from the sounds of measured breathing and shoes thudding along the dirt trail to the voice in our head driving us to conquer one more hill. We leaned into sound design and even worked with composers to score the entire IG Story.

Finally, we kept viewers engaged with plenty of native IG tools, like Polls and Questions, and encouragement to keep tapping.


Social best practices told us that users wouldn’t get past frame five of our IG Story. But disregarding the “rules of social” and betting on the power of feeling and storytelling paid off.

Pushing the limits of the platform resulted in 3.3M organic impressions—and over 25,000 users viewed all 100 frames.

The story also generated interactivity from viewers with polls, tap CTAs, and more, and currently lives as the first highlight people see on Instagram.

Tap Further transformed a platform for fleeting, mindless tapping into an opportunity for deep, emotive storytelling—and created a new brand of brand anthem.


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Swift, lululemon


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