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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Stumble Guys X MrBeast

Winner in Multi-Platform Partnership

Entered in Gaming


“Stumble Guys”  has taken the mobile gaming world by storm, capturing the hearts of Gen Z players with outrageous obstacles and fast-paced, frenetic, fun. But how do you keep this notoriously hard-to-reach demographic - known for short attention spans - engaged and hungry for more, day-in and day-out? For Scopely, the company behind the hit party battle royale game, the answer was to unleash the beast - MrBeast, that is.

Starting in August 2023, “Stumble Guys” and MrBeast - the world’s most subscribed YouTube creator - teamed up for an epic collaboration that would unite both of their communities and delight fans around the world. 

While these types of collaborations are common in the gaming world, they are often very surface-level, featuring only cosmetics or “skins.” The “Stumble Guys” x MrBeast partnership went far beyond that - giving players and MrBeast fans alike multiple in-game levels, characters, interactive features, emotes, and more. All in-game content was meticulously designed by MrBeast himself alongside the “Stumble Guys” team - bringing to life unbelievable challenges and crazy stunts that capture the infectious energy of both the game and the iconic creator in a way that had never been seen before.

Ultimately, this collaboration delivered extraordinary experiences to “Stumble Guys” players and MrBeast followers, helping two of the world’s most engaged communities forge deeper connections with their favorite franchises and fellow fans around the world.


Strategy and Execution

Collaborating with MrBeast for the first time presented a unique challenge for "Stumble Guys" as the game aimed to authentically integrate his persona into a video game - capturing his spirit in an entirely different format than the YouTube videos that have catapulted him to worldwide stardom.

It was also essential that the collaboration would resonate with fans of the game and MrBeast - two of the most engaged fan communities in the world, and inspire MrBeast fans to connect with the iconic creator through the lens of “Stumble Guys.”

Ultimately, the partnership became a canvas for creativity for both MrBeast and the “Stumble Guys” team, bringing custom-created MrBeast experiences that are bold, innovative, and true to the ethos of each brand.

Together, Scopely and MrBeast partnership resulted in wildly imaginative experiences, including: 

The success of the MrBeast partnership within "Stumble Guys" is a testament to the power of community and creators. By empowering players to connect with one of the world’s most beloved creators - and each other - while delivering unforgettable experiences, we were able to delight our existing fans and welcome all new ones into the “Stumble Guys” universe.


The partnership yielded remarkable results, both in-game and on social media channels.

Ultimately, “Stumble Guys” remains a hit game with more than 50 million players every month and over 600 million downloads, underscoring the power of this partnership in engaging current players and attracting new ones


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