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Steph Curry Run The Ring

Entered in Interactive Content


The Creators Corp. team in collaboration with leading talent agency WME and NBA superstar Steph Curry’s production company, Unanimous Media, set out to develop a fun, immersive Fortnite experience that lets players become basketball legends. ‘Steph Curry Run the Ring’ was born, inviting players to enter a virtual world to play like Steph as they race the clock, perfect their shots, and hone their skills. The goal was to create a limitless simulation where players can run impossible speeds and jump impossible heights trademark to Steph, while literally launching themselves into basketball gameplay through nostalgic platformer mechanics.


Inspired by "death run" style games, Creators Corp. built a platformer that recreates Steph's legendary mobility, through the custom development of innovative interaction. Key to the immersive gameplay is a special, coded in-game device called the B-Barrel. Creators Corp. developed this custom coded object, which behaves like a first-person version of the classic ‘Donkey Kong Country’ barrels— in ‘Run the Ring,’ players line up and time their shots, and are then sent soaring through the air to their next platforming challenge. Adding to the authentic experience, ‘Run the Ring’ features voiceover from Steph Curry as well as a custom 3D Steph model made by popular Fortnite creator Trimix. Creators Corp. recognized the importance of making ‘Run the Ring’ appeal to a wide audience beyond core NBA fans. To make it a cultural moment, Creators Corp. partnered with the world's largest Fortnite streamer, Clix, to host speedrun activations and fan-centric contests on his streams and social media.



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Steph Curry – Curry Brand


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