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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

So Yummy & Kraft Heinz 2023 Shoppable Campaign

Finalist in Social Commerce, Brand Partnership


The collaboration between So Yummy and Kraft Heinz epitomizes a fusion of culinary creativity and strategic digital marketing prowess. With a vision to revolutionize shoppable content on social platforms, So Yummy harnessed its massive audience of over 61 million to showcase Kraft Heinz brands, including Velveeta, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Kraft Singles, and more.


Crafted around pivotal seasonal moments such as the Super Bowl, Easter, and various holiday festivities, these campaigns ingeniously blended high-quality, in-house-produced videos with actionable shoppable elements. The marriage of organic and paid strategies was executed seamlessly, integrating shoppable assets onto a bespoke landing page synchronized with Walmart's API. Each video, meticulously featuring Kraft Heinz brands in mouthwatering recipes, served a dual purpose: inspiring viewers to recreate delectable dishes while compelling purchases.


The impact was staggering. The Easter-themed So Yummy and Philadelphia Cream Cheese video swiftly ascended to the title of the most viewed within weeks, solidifying its spot as the 6th most watched across all categories among 8K+ sponsored food videos on Facebook and YouTube. Impressively, three campaign videos secured positions within the top 10, affirming their wide-reaching impact.


With over 76K purchases and 16M +shoppable impressions, complemented by 160M+ organic impressions, 600K+ engagements, 26K+ shares, and 78M+ views, these campaigns not only exceeded predefined metrics but also ensured the perennial prominence of Kraft Heinz brands.


Strategy and Execution

So Yummy proudly presents its innovative collaboration with Kraft Heinz, a groundbreaking partnership that redefined shoppable content strategies across social media platforms. Engaging So Yummy's vast audience of over 61 million, this alliance showcased Kraft Heinz brands — Velveeta, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Kraft Singles, Oscar Meyer, Ore-Ida, and Heinz Condiments — in a series of highly engaging shoppable recipe videos.


Throughout the year, So Yummy strategically rolled out seasonal-themed campaigns coinciding with key moments like Super Bowl, Easter, summer grilling, and fall baking. The meticulously crafted shoppable content seamlessly blended creative recipe inspiration with action-driving, conversion-oriented messaging.


This innovative approach went beyond standard marketing strategies. Leveraging a combined organic and paid approach, including leveraging influencers, So Yummy tactfully integrated shoppable assets, redirecting audiences to a customized landing page synchronized with Walmart's API for streamlined purchase experiences. Each video, crafted in-house with unparalleled quality, featured delectable recipes incorporating Kraft Heinz brands, compelling viewers to recreate these culinary delights.


Notably, the first holiday campaign, specifically the Easter-themed video collaboration between So Yummy and Philadelphia Cream Cheese, achieved outstanding success. Among the 8K+ sponsored food videos on Facebook and YouTube, this video rapidly ascended as the #1 most viewed in 2023, securing the #6 position across all categories within weeks of its launch.



Metrics speak volumes about our triumphs: With over 76K sponsored videos on Facebook and YouTube in 2023, three of So Yummy and Kraft Heinz videos were among the top 10 most-viewed content pieces. These campaigns not only magnificently surpassed guaranteed reach, engagement, and conversion metrics but also perpetuated top-of-mind awareness for Kraft Heinz brands throughout various seasons and events.


The shoppable campaigns resonated profoundly, culminating in over 76K purchases and 16M+ impressions, while organically distributed content garnered a staggering 160M+ impressions, 600K+ engagements, 26K+ shares, and over 78M views.


In essence, this enduring partnership between So Yummy and Kraft Heinz exemplifies pioneering innovation, merging shoppable content with captivating storytelling, and driving unmatched engagement and conversions, ultimately revolutionizing the landscape of branded entertainment.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

First Media, Kraft Heinz