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Content Creators Unveil Alo Yoga Fall 2023 Styles

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The Alo Yoga influencer campaign was launched to showcase Alo Yoga's Fall 2023 line. Our primary objectives were to elevate brand visibility and drive retail sales on the Shoplooks platform. Using the voices of content creators, our approach was aimed at inspiring individuals to embrace yoga principles, promoting mindfulness and a balanced lifestyle both on and off the mat. Through the lens of accomplished women who prioritize self-care, we aimed to communicate the transformative power of Alo Yoga's apparel in fostering healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

We were looking to achieve a significant increase in Fall retail sales, setting a target of up to 500% growth compared to the previous year. We set this goal in consultation with our client, based on insights from past performance and market trends.

To achieve our objectives, we sought partnerships with a group of influencers whom we believe are suitable to represent Alo Yoga’s brand. Our final selection was made after a thorough evaluation of past collaborations, audience demographics, quality of content published, and engagement metrics. 


Alo Yoga’s Fall 2023 collection was characterized by elevated neutrals, energizing pops of color, and refreshing activewear, athleisure, and casual styles. Our strategy centered on partnering with influencers whose lifestyles resonated with Alo Yoga brand values, which is all about promoting a culture of movement, mindfulness, and community. 

Running the campaign from August 10 to September 30, the team decided that the most effective strategy for Alo’s Fall 2023 Campaign is to collaborate with global influencers on multiple platforms who can inspire viewers with their day-to-day life as creators as well as their varying interests and pursuits. 

Influencer selection was a fun and exciting process. We were on the lookout for ones who are not only able to show impeccable sense of style through their content, but who are also essentially the embodiment of “balance”--whether it’s through their content profile, their careers, or daily life.  

By collaborating with creators who can showcase Alo Yoga apparel in a real and authentic way, we aimed to inspire viewers to get on board the mindfulness movement. 

YouTube influencer Laura Byrnes (69K subscribers) integrated Alo Yoga products in her video where viewers can see her talking about and doing normal, everyday things like organizing her wardrobe, baking, and preparing for her grandmother’s birthday. Such relatable content proves to be a hit for our audience. The video hit over 17K views within one month.  

One other participating YouTube vlogger, Vicky Soupsss (342K subscribers), was behind one of the top-performing videos for the campaign. Her Alo Yoga haul video, where she unboxed and tried on Alo yoga outfits while stating her impressions, got over 62K views within the campaign duration.

We also enlisted blogger Pieces of C to collaborate with us on the Alo Yoga campaign. We have worked with her on a number of previous campaigns and her highly visual and informative blogging style, as well as her track record for bringing in sales on Shoplooks, make her a top choice for this campaign. Like Vicky Soupssss, she was able to effectively reach a Chinese-language-speaking audience through her sponsored post, where she posted aesthetic photos of herself looking very chic and confident in Alo Yoga fits.

Central to our execution was a streamlined process for coordination between Alo Yoga, Shoplooks, and influencers. To maintain content quality and consistency, we provided influencers with clear brand messaging and image standards that align with Alo Yoga's brand essence, actively monitoring content creation and offering feedback as needed. Content formats such as OOTDs, unboxing videos, and fashion hauls were among the content formats we encouraged to captivate audiences across various platforms.

Our approach also prioritized performance tracking and reporting to gauge the campaign's effectiveness and inform real-time adjustments. Real-time audience insights allowed for agile optimization strategies along the way.  


The month-long Alo Yoga campaign yielded remarkable results. Our influencers collectively garnered 133,000 views and nearly 4,000 likes on sponsored content across various platforms. Their dedicated efforts resulted in the creation of impactful content, including one Instagram video, four YouTube videos, and two blog posts that showcased Alo Yoga's Fall 2023 styles.

In terms of sales performance, the campaign significantly exceeded expectations, contributing to a significant sales growth from August 10 to September 30, by up to 1,640% compared to the same period in 2022. Alo Yoga achieved an exceptional return on investment (ROI) of 367%.

Overall, the results of the Alo Yoga influencer campaign underscore its resounding success in elevating brand visibility, driving engagement, and ultimately, generating substantial sales revenue for a newly launched fashion line.


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Shoplooks, Alo Yoga


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