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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Creator Stories Put Spotlight on 24S Fashion

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


Shoplooks partnered with 24S, a leading online luxury destination, to amplify brand exposure and sales through a year-long influencer marketing campaign. The core objective was to surpass the previous year's sales on the Shoplooks platform and solidify 24S's image as the go-to platform for luxury fashion wherever you are in the world.

Aligned with key shopping events and special offers launched by 24S, each month featured unique themes aligned with our influencer content promotions. In collaboration with top creators across YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, and TikTok, we highlighted a curated selection of premium brands carried by 24S. Our success relied on the unique voices of online content creators whom we chose for their ability to effectively showcase what sets 24S apart from competitors and drive actual sales.  


Strategy and Execution

24S is a luxury fashion e-commerce platform, renowned for curating an exquisite selection of high-end designer clothing, accessories, and footwear. Operating under the LVMH umbrella, 24S stands as a premier destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking exclusive, cutting-edge designs.

Aside from its collections from iconic fashion houses such as Dior, Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Chanel, 24S is also known for featuring emerging designers pushing the boundaries of creativity. 24S not only offers a wide array of luxury fashion items from haute couture to ready-to-wear collections but also serves as a hub for fashion inspiration, trends, and editorial content. 

To boost brand awareness and sales for 24S, Shoplooks embarked on a mission to build a comprehensive and diverse collection of unique and compelling narratives to captivate a global audience, in partnership with a carefully selected group of fashion influencers.

Our team worked around themes that aligned with the changing seasons as well as key shopping events (Black Friday, Singles' Day, Cyber Monday, etc) and pushed exclusive 24S offers while our influencers provided immersive experiences that drew the audience deeper into the world of 24S.

We selected influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, and TikTok who weren't mere celebrities, but also storytellers, each with a unique voice and the ability to embody the essence of 24S and connect with our target audience on a more relatable level.

Our chosen influencers come from different backgrounds and have demonstrated exceptional creativity through their content. With the authority they possess in the luxury fashion niche and their shared passion in storytelling, we encouraged the creators to craft their own narratives and weave 24S product placement creatively and seamlessly into their content as they engage with their audience. 

From the US, one of the top-performing posts for the campaign was by fashion vlogger Cassie Thorpe, who has 142K YouTube subscribers to date. For this campaign, she published a video titled “BFF Reacts to My Luxury Haul 2023” where she featured products from 24S and promoted an exclusive discount code in time for Single’s Day event. It’s a perfect representation of how influencers’ creativity can drive awareness and sales in a way that’s authentic and relatable. 

Nathalie Martin from Canada came up with a video titled “Capsule Wardrobe For Work & Everyday feat. 24S Haul,” to promote Fall Fashion looks featuring 24S designer brands.  We find it to be a truly wonderful addition to the campaign because it was extremely informative and helpful for customers looking to restock their wardrobes with Fall essentials. Nathalie was also able to showcase her excellent style with her luxury picks.

From strategizing monthly themes to monitoring influencer content publication and analyzing insights, each team member and participating influencer brought their unique strengths to the table, ensuring we maximized our return on investment and campaign performance.

Our campaign wasn't just a fleeting marketing splash; it left a lasting mark. We authentically communicated 24S's unique value proposition and resonated with the target audience, creating a deeper connection with the brand through relatable creator stories.


By the end of 2023, the 24S campaign has documented a total of 134 posts published by 19 influencers, including 70 blog entries, 20+ YouTube videos, and numerous social media updates across platforms like Instagram, Red, and Weibo. This amplified 24S's message across multiple channels and reached a much wider audience.

The campaign surpassed sales targets, growing by 36.77% from the previous year. With 24S’ total investment in flat fees and earned commissions, the campaign delivered a phenomenal 434.36% return on investment. This underscores the campaign's success in generating both brand awareness and sales at an efficient cost.

This campaign proves that a strategic influencer marketing approach can not only boost sales but also significantly elevate brand awareness. By focusing on authentic storytelling, cultural insights, and innovative content creation, we helped 24S establish itself as a leading online luxury destination, recognized not just for its products but also for its unique brand identity.


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Shoplooks, 24S


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